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The end of the rose experiment

I wanted to update everyone on the status of my roses.  They were going strong for nearly three long weeks- amazing considering that most cut flowers from the grocery store last just a few days.  And as you can see- the "positive energy" has left the building...

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my dead flowers

I started off by speaking lovingly to the flowers- and playing a CD in my house called "Location Repair" by healer Master John Douglas.  I was shocked when they kept looking radiant two weeks into the experiment. 

Then, on week three I left for two days.  The flowers were drooping a little before I went, but when I walked in this morning, I saw dead, extra-crispy flowers (along with lots of clutter on my dining room table!)  These blooms either checked out because nobody was talking nice to them and playing the Location Repair CD- OR they checked out because it was just time.

So just under three weeks.  Still a good run for flowers. 

And if you want to get your own Location Repair CD- or just listen to Master John talk about healing, you can see him this weekend in Oakbrook.  He'll be doing one of his basic workshops (for first timers) Saturday from 9:30-12:30pm.  It's not too often that a healer of John's caliber makes it to the Chicago area, so get over there if you are free.

And start talking nice to your flowers, dammit!  



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