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Positive energy and nice words keep flowers alive

So it's been two weeks since my husband bought me these flowers.  Normally they
would be dead within a week- but I decided to do a little experiment to help them live longer.
Seems to be working!
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I wrote earlier this week that I did some experiments with two dozen roses- wondering if my words would make them last longer.  I think the results are pretty obvious, but skeptics continue to have doubts.

So when I got these roses, I decided to say positive things, AND play a Location Repair CD which was created by a healer named Master John Douglas, (he's coming to Chicago next week for some workshops, by the way..) 

Only one flower is wilted- you can see it on the right. But the leaves are all bright green, and not one of them is dried out.  They look like they are about 2 days old- and it's been 14 days.

Anyone else talk to their plants with these kind of results?  I'd be anxious to know, dammit!



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elena said:

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i wonder if it works if you don't start out on the first day. i got flowers wednesday and they are very beautiful now but i think only have a few days left. i will try talking to them and thinking positive thoughts over them and see how it goes!

Mikki said:

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When my dad's condition was terminal, we had a small celebration for my step-mom's birthday. I sent her a beautiful flower arrangement that looked like a birthday cake. That arrangement lasted almost three weeks (even after Dad passed!) and if I hadn't seen it, I would not have believed it. I truly believe because the house was so filled with love and concern for my dad and that later, it was his way of saying that he was at peace and yet still with us.

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