I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Kids STILL say the darndest things

My son is at it again.  I've written before about the inappropriate phrases that have accidentally flown out of his mouth in public.  Well now, he's cracking us up at home too.  

my son Britt

Two weeks ago, I was getting rid of our pumpkin.  As I went to move it's shriveled body, the bottom of it fell out, and slime oozed all over our antique table.  Britt was standing next to me, and he put his hand on his hip in disgust and blurted out,


I looked over at him in shock. 

"Daddy says that," he said with a nod.

Not anymore he won't!


So this morning, we were sitting down to breakfast, and Britt pointed to his crotch.

"Britt's penis," he said.

Now he's only three and a half, and to my knowledge, I don't think I've used that word around him.  His Dad chooses to call it Britt's "Dinger".  Maybe he learned it at pre-school?

Then he pointed to my crotch and said, "Mommy's penis."

I paused, trying to think of the most spiritual way handle this.

"Mommy's don't have a penis honey."

"Mommy has no penis?"  He gasped.  "Why??"

"Well, because Mommy's have what is called a "vagina"- and not a penis."

He just looked at me and said nothing. 

Probably too much information.

So the fun is just beginning.  We've had a month of "firsts."  Britt's first "Jesus", and his first "why".

I know it won't be the last.



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elena said:

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I'm surprised he didn't ask to see evidence of Mommy's vagina in place of penis. I'd imagine that is not close behind!

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