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Best Thanksgiving Movie Ever

So if you are sitting around scratching your stretch marks today and want something to watch that will make you laugh- you can't go wrong with "Home for the Holidays."
The film, which came out in 1995, was directed by Jodie Foster- and stars Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.  A favorite scene is when they are all at the table, and the turkey accidentally flies off of the platter, and into the bitchy sister's lap.  (Don't we all have someone in our family we wish would get pummeled by a large portion of poultry?) Every time I see the clip, I hear a line I didn't hear before.  The whole movie is like that, with new discoveries in each viewing.

I found the clip on youtube, and it's priceless.  Warning- there are swear words and heated tempers.  But if you have a dysfunctional family like I do- it will seem familiar.

And Happy Thanksgiving, Dammit!



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Patricia Biesen said:


That IS the best Thanksgiving *famly* movie, but the best one for Christmas has to be The Ref, with Dennis Leary and Judy Davis. Too funny.

duckonatricycle said:

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i totally agree "Home for the Holidays" is a secret treasure.

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