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The top 5 foods to help fend off the flu

I am a big believer that your diet affects your health. It's part of being a spiritual warrior.  (Kind of like giving your car a tune up.  If you never change the oil- are you really running on all cylinders?)  So what should you have in your fridge during this FLU EPIDEMIC? 
I'm going to share with you five simple things that will increase your bodies immune system.  While it is NO GUARANTEE it will prevent you from getting any flu virus- it IS going to help you stay healthy by feeding your body nutrients it so desperately needs.
Black Garlic


We all have heard that eating garlic is good for you- but many of us prepare it incorrectly so our bodies don't reap the benefits.  Did you know that you need to chop it up finely, and then let it sit for 5 minutes to get the nutrition in each clove?  It's true.  The smashing of the garlic jumbles the molecules so you get the nutrients.  Stop roasting whole garlic and spreading it onto your bread... that does NOTHING.  Chop it up and throw it in your soups and on your sandwich.  It's cheap and it's a miracle food. 


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This is the most under used item you can find in the store.  If you chop up a little ginger and put it in your tea, or even just your water, it will provide you with incredible nutrients and anti-oxidants.  It stimulates  circulation which helps the body dislodge congestion.  It can even relieve, uh, well, flatulence.  If you have a baby who has reflux or colic, throw some of this in chamomile tea and put it in a bottle..and you will see results! You really should chop some up and put it in your kid's juice.  I slip it in my son's cranberry juice all the time.  I also used to eat it when I was pregnant to fend off the nausea.  It really helped. It's an incredible "immune booster" and it is so affordable.

Sweet potatoes

These are the only potatoes you should really bother to eat.  Regular potatoes can be terrible for diabetics.  They have very few nutrients, and are often grown in horrible, non organic conditions.  Go for the ORGANIC SWEET POTATOES at your store.  I was just at Dominick's today and they had them right next to the tomatoes.  It was so easy to find, and your body will thank you for making the effort.  Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin E and potassium, as well as iron. 

Good ways to make them are to roast in the oven on a baking sheet- (just slice, drizzle with some oil and bake on high...instant healthy french fries!)  Otherwise you can steam them for about ten minutes in a pan with about an inch of chicken broth.  SO good, so easy, and so healthy.

Red Peppers

Forget the green peppers.  Red peppers contain one of the highest concentrations of key antioxidants found in everyday food, and have more than twice the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.  My son even eats them like candy.  They can be eaten raw or cooked.  Raw is healthier, but steaming for a few minutes in broth or water isn't bad either.  (I always steam in some sort of broth because then I don't have to bother with seasonings!)

Chicken Broth

Cook with it.  Drink it.  You know the saying "chicken soup soothes the soul.." There is something to the mixture of a good broth that really is healthy.  Make sure you are getting the organic stuff too.  Don't give me that "it's too expensive" excuse.  It's a few cents more, and the quality is worth it.  Use it like water.  Low sodium is a good choice.  Cooking with broth instead of water brings more flavor into everything, and it adds vitamins and nutrients.

So do this.  If you're wondering where the spiritual lady got these tips- most of them came from George Mateljan.  He's the guru behind "The World's Healthiest Foods", and was the founder of "Healthy Choice" organic foods.  I helped him create some videos for his cookbook.  He spent years scientifically analyzing foods, recipes and healthy cooking.   

And while there is no guarantee these five foods will keep you flu-free....chances are, it will help you live longer. 

And that's a good thing, dammit! 



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elena said:

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why not just throw all of those ingredients into a pot and make some soup?
i also make a garlic ginger tea by boiling them (chopped) in water. i usually add a HOT pepper of some sort (habañero for me, without seeds). when i pour it into the cup i add some honey. the garlic and ginger pieces are good to chew on as well, if you can handle them.
you can feel the goodness.

Lil Spicy said:


I had never heard about the red peppers or the sweet potatoes. I actually prefer the taste of sweet potatoes to regular....jus never knew they were better for me at the same time.

Excellent tips....keep em coming!!

Santosh Patil said:

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I like your article it’s very informative for all of us,
The first step in the fighting the flu is improving your immunity. This can be done eating a healthy diet. Having these in your diet especially boosts your immunity. But remember that “eating them overnight won’t prevent it; it takes 6-8 weeks for the body to build immunity”, says Dietician Dr. Shweta Iyangar.

Sweepea said:

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I read that turmeric is also quite effective ... just googling it will show the benefits and it's something a lot of people don't know about/much less use regularly but it's a superb preventative holistic Ace in the hole:)

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