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The Ghost of Michael Jackson on Larry King Live?

There's a lot of talk that Michael Jackson is haunting "Neverland".  But the video that is circulating from an interview on CNN is definitely not ghostly...
First of all- if anyone is open to this stuff, it would be me.  I spent about seven years interviewing mediums and psychics who claim they can talk to dead people for my first book.  And while you can definitely see an image walking in the background as a tour is being given of the Neverland Ranch on Larry King Live- this is not a ghost.

I used to be in television news.  Whenever you do a "live shot" segment, it usually involves a crew.  You have someone in the satellite truck, and another cameraman who is shooting the segment.  I would also assume that CNN has a producer with the reporter on site.  Then there's the Neverland security, various "handlers" who want to make sure nobody breaks anything for insurance purposes...  The list of possible people on location for this interview goes on and on....

Soooo- back to the video where you can see the shadow of a person walking.


Michael Jackson 1958-2009

This right next to a window, right?  I'm sure some intern is probably walking by that window with a tray of coffee for the crew, and that shadow bleeds into the background of the live shotEnd of story.  No need to slow it down and make it all dramatic to try to make us think it's the ghost of Michael.  Come on people...There's plenty of time for hoaxes before Halloween arrives.  I'll do my best to weed out the crap and find some real nail biters... But do me a favor, and don't waste your time thinking this one is real, okay? 



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rheather said:

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Haha! Yes, a shadow!

Any other Mj fans out there planning on watching the TV Guide Network's Michael Jackson special, Gone Too Soon, on June 25th?

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3b9oXa9v8c


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