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I think dead people are chatting with us and watching over us all the time.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with grief that we miss the signs.  Other times, we are caught up in our logical minds, that we just call them "coincidences."  So when I found out that my friend Randy Rogers wrote about book about how we are all connected, and his transformation from news man to understanding the meaning of life, I couldn't wait to write about it. 
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I first met Randy several years ago when I was still in the news business.  He too came from a journslism background, but owned a production company Telefilms, Inc.  One of the company's main duties, was to produce "Press Junkets" for big studio films.  You name a blockbuster, he was the guy behind all the interview publicity that made it a hit. 

It was during one of these "junkets" in New York, where Randy and I had our first spiritual conversation.  I had just interviewed famous medium James Van Praagh and was still trying to process his apparent ability to talk to my dead Granmother.  Randy had just experienced a "regression" therapy where he learned about some of his past lives.

"You don't understand," he told me as his eyes widened.  "I think acupuncture is totally out there.  I never thought I'd be talking about past lives?!"

We talked for hours about all the bizarre "coincidences" that happened to us.  I told him about my path of interviewing different mediums and psychics- and he told me about his metaphysical experiences, which all started with a vivid dream of a former classmate who had died from ovarian cancer.  It was exciting to find another "journalist" who was on a similar path.  We were so caught up in our stories that we were oblivious to the fact that David Bowie and his wife Iman were sitting 3 tables away from us.  

"I can't really talk about this stuff with too many people," I confessed.  "my colleagues think it's all crazy talk."

"Oh, I know," Randy said.  "My wife is so sick of hearing about it that I have to change the subject whenever a friend asks me about it."

A couple of years later, I left the press junket world, and never saw Randy again.  

Cut to:

Two weeks ago, I was washing the dishes, and out of nowhere, Randy and that conversation we had in New York popped into my head.

I wonder how Randy is doing?   Is he still producing in Hollywood?

Two days later, I get a call from a publicist friend of mine.

"Hey Jen- I was wondering if I could send you a book by one of my clients Randy Rogers...."

Randy Rogers?  Could it possibly be the same guy?

I wasn't quite sure it was the Randy I knew until I was emailed his bio. 

What are the chances?! 

His book "The Key of Life" is an incredible page turner.  Not to mention- we have so many similarities in our stories I almost fell over while I was reading it.  

Without giving away too much of the plot- Randy's spiritual journey all began when he had that vivid dream about a former classmate of his from his childhood.  She wants Randy to tell her classmates what happened to her.  He feels compelled to set out on a mission to find out just what happened to his grade school friend.  The coincidences and signs start popping up everywhere he turns.
"I just love getting the reactions to this book from the news skeptics I used to work with," Randy said when we re-connected recently.  "I went to eat with one friend of mine, and he said, 'I KNOW you Randy- you wouldn't make this up.  I'm really trying to understand it'.  That's the thing- every single word in this book is true."

Randy is here in Chicago with a book signing October 5th from 7-10pm at The Book Cellar, and at the Unity Church from 7-9pm Wednesday night October 7th.  

"I was a guy who needed to investigate things on a scientific level," Randy explained.  "And then you start to open your eyes to the synchronicities and you go down this road, and it's like Alice in Wonderland..."

If you can't make the book signing, you can order it online at www.thekeyoflife.net.  I read it in 2 days.  It will make you think- and it will open your eyes.  And it will also make you realize that those on "the other side" are so much closer than we think.

"It's like a radio dial," Randy said to me.  "They're just on a different station."

"Did you read my book?"  I asked him.  "That's exactly what James Van Praagh said to me in Chapter Three."

"I haven't yet," he said.  "But I'm going to now..."



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Steve Dale said:


Jen - I'm not believer in this stuff so much...but you write so well, I couldn't minimize the post....Good to see you here....hope your family (including four legged) is well.

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