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More ghost stories for Halloween

My son was talking again in his room at "nothing..." And to my surprise, he was chatting it up with another dead relative.  Just in time for Halloween- here's a ghost story that might not be as startling as "Paranormal Activity"- but it could make your hair stand on end...
I've blogged before how my son seems to be having conversations with The Ghost of Grandpa Tim before he goes to sleep.  Problem is, Grandpa Tim died in 2001. 

Talk about looooooong distance.

So the other night I hear him chatting again a few minutes after I'd put him down for the night.  I go in there to see what ghosts might be hanging out- see nobody- and plop down on the bed.

"Who are you talking to honey?"

"Grandpa," my son said, sucking on his fingers.

"Really?  And what is Grandpa saying?"  I asked.

"He's smacking my butt," he said rolling to his side and pointing to his tush.

I stopped cold in my tracks.


Jenniffer, Tim and Rafer Weigel at Wrigley Field in Chicago

My Dad was ALL about smacking someone in the ass.  Especially his kids.  Whether I was five or twenty-five- He often embarrassed me in public by walking up behind me, and loudly patting my rear while saying,


His hand made contact with each word- with a particularly LOUD slam on the last word...BABY!  (This was especially annoying at my college graduation.)

I have often thought how sad it is that Dad is not here to take advantage of my son's adorable fanny...perfect for Grandpa love-pats.

How is Grandpa smacking your butt?"  I asked.

My son put down his "binkers" and got off the bed to demonstrate.

"Like this Momma!"

He then turned me around so my rear was facing him, and he smacked me Weigel style.

For a minute- I wondered how this could be?  Had we talked about this in front of him for him to catch on?  He's only three- so even if we DID mention it- would he really be savvy enough to hold on to that information, and then wait to spring it on us one night when he's being put to bed?

I prefer to think that the ghost of Grandpa Tim is showing up.

And just before Halloween... perfect timing, dammit!



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Liz said:

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My 3 year old, Maggie is always talking to Grandpa. He passed away 28 years ago. His thing was tickling. I hear Maggie often saying, "That tickles Grandpa!" I always smile and say, "Hi Dad." She also used to put her arms up as though she wanted to be picked up and no one (that I could see) was there. We actually have a couple pictures of her doing it. It's just amazing how thin that curtain between us and our loved ones who have passed on really is... Happy Halloween!

Mikki said:

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I sure do believe this. In fact, not too long ago, Salma Hayek said that she heard her daughter Valentina talking to someone and Salma knew that there wasn't anyone in her room. She peeked in and the baby seemed to be looking at someone and seemed a little anxious. She kept waving and saying good-bye in French, English and Spanish!

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