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Listen to that inner voice

If you ever doubt your instincts- you are like most of us.  Our logical mind gets in the way, and we question that inner voice.  But if you really did make an effort to listen every day to that little nudge inside- you'd find the journey to be much more enlightening.
I have never been a fan of meditation.... all that sitting still and silence is enough to make a chatty gal like myself go bonkers.  But I've tried it again and again.  Each time, it still sucks.   Many of the spiritual guru's today say that's how you get your messages from the Universe, or your "higher self" or your "guides", etc.. I think that everyone is different and it's okay to get there however you get there... I have a girlfriend that gets epiphanies while gardening.  Another totally wild pal of mine only gets inspired when she's having sex. (Hey- to each their own, right?)

For me- I get my best ideas when I'm driving, going for a run, or about to drift off to sleep.  It's when I can quiet my mind, and not be so distracted with the "worry-list" that runs constantly in my head.

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One day, I was driving downtown, and as I was taking the route I normally take every day, I heard, "TURN RIGHT.."

Turn right?  Why the hell would I turn right at this street?  That is so NOT the way to go!

I ignored the voice and continued to go straight.  I found myself at an intersection blocked off by construction, and had to wait for a digger to finish it's task before I could continue.  I was late for my appointment as a result.


My inner voice was trying to help me, but my ego-mind got in the way.

I remember several years ago, I was at my desk at CBS and I heard, "Call home for your messages..."  I never stopped what I was doing at work to check my home messages, especially when I had a cell phone and email and everything else one needs to get a hold of me.  I kept working, and then heard it again.  "Call home for your messages!"

I picked up the phone and made the call.  There was a message from my little sister's school saying that she had broken her leg on the playground and they were having trouble finding her mother because they had an old number on file. 


If I had ignored that voice, my poor little sister would have been alone in a Hospital.

So do yourself a favor- and as silly as it seems, listen to that inner voice inside.  And shoot me a note to let me know what task helps YOU get connected.  (I find it hard to believe that anything can top my sex friend- but I've been wrong before!)




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elly said:


My inner voice just told me to go on a trip to Bulgaria, we'll see how that turns out hehe. But I'm already happy that I listened :)

Sexy Isra said:

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A few years ago, I met with Therese Rowley who insisted I pay attention to everything around me because I would be receiving messages. Two days later, I was listening to the radio and came across a priest's homily. I never stop to listen to this kind of programing, but my inner voice demanded it. A long pause then the very next words out of his mouth were, "And there is a reason Israel is in the dark which only God knows, but he will soon tell Israel." I was floored and scared and quickly turned off my radio. Minutes later, I receive a phone call informing me Prop THTR is interested in producing my autobiographical piece, In The Dark! Because of Therese I now pay attention all the time. I constantly get messages, but that one jumps to mind.

Cherise Greski - Americas Inner Guidance Coach said:

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Listening to your inner guidance is a key way to be successful in whatever you are doing. I started with metaphysics a long time ago and have attracted tons of material and non material situations in my life. But, the most direct awareness of inner guidance I've had that really made me 'notice' was the months leading up to my husband's crossing. I was getting the promptings but I didn't want to 'hear' it. I am glad that I did the day before he crossd. While it isn't something one wants to necessarily know or hear, inner guidance is ALWAYS about helping you feel comfortable, secure, safe and OK even when the it is about something that is definitely NOT ok. It doesn't take months or years of meditation, it doesn't take a special diet, it doesn't take much more than an awareness and acceptance of something broader than oneself. It becomes clear and more direct, the more you use it - just like exercise. And, when we learn to use it, tune in and connect in a few minutes, it is so much easier to stay connected and get what we need when we need it.

And, any activity - including sex - that allows you to open up to love, peace, relaxation and joy - is a great way to get tuned in to Spirit.

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