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Guess who got the flu?

So with all this talk about flu shots- I found myself a little under the weather over the past week.  I went to the Doctor yesterday and discovered that I wasn't just tired.  I had the flu.  And guess what?? I survived.
About 10 days ago, I started to feel body aches.  I had a fever for one day, and then just felt sluggish for the next few days.  I figured the worst was over, but then the cough started.  This cough has been lingering for 7 days, but since I only have DISASTER health insurance (come ON President Obama!!!) I didn't want to pay the 150 bucks to go to the Doctor.

I also felt that in my gut, there was nothing a Doctor could really do for me...I didn't have a fever anymore.  The only thing I had was a cough, and while that was annoying- it wasn't the end of the world.  But my husband insisted I stop self diagnosing and get looked at by a professional, so I made an appointment yesterday. 

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She looked me over and said, "Looks like you have a flu virus."

"But I wasn't throwing up?"  I said.

"You don't have to vomit to have a flu.  The swine flu is mostly respiratory."

"Are you saying I have the SWINE FLU?" I gasped.

"You might..."

She offered to swab and test me - but that would cost me at least 200 dollars because of my crappy insurance.

"Whether this is H1N1 or another virus- I would give you the same advice - Go home and rest," she said.  "Sleep- drink lots of liquids - and you should start to feel better in a few days."

Yes a flu virus in inconvenient, but to a healthy person in their 30's- thankfully- it isn't deadly.

"Were you around anyone with these symptoms recently?"  She asked.

"My son threw up over a week ago, and was feverish for a day- and it seemed to pass pretty quickly," I said.

So my own son might have given me the swine flu.  Thankfully now he is totally fine.

I asked my Doctor about flu shots and the H1N1 vaccine... 

"I wear a mask in crowded places, or on airplanes.  I wash my hands thoroughly.  And stay clear of folks coughing heavily," she said. 

I saw the news last night where they showed kids hospitalized with the swine flu.  There is no doubt that it is scary.  But I feel the shot is scary too.  What the news isn't covering is all those people who are getting sick from getting the shots.  I just found out my neighbor was hospitalized for complications with a swine flu shot, and he's a healthy guy in his 50's.   

So what do you do??  Wear a mask for the next several months?  I grabbed a handful of them as I left the Doctor's office.  I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them everywhere, but I probably will on an airplane. 

And for now, I'm going to take lots of naps.  If there's one good thing about feeling under the weather, it's that you get a "hall pass" to be lazy and watch daytime television.

Which reminds me- does anyone know if Tad is still on "All My Children"? 



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elena said:

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hey, but isn't the good news that if you have it, you won't get it again?
my doc keeps telling me that the only flu out there right now is the H1N1 and as far as i know, it's the only one that has stomach upset as a symptom in SOME of the people who get it.
get yourself better pretty lady. you need soup. i lived on soup the past week and although it got tiring, i'm sure it helped. if no one will make you soup, i recommend some spicy tom yum soup from your favorite Thai restaurant. ask them to bring you the large, even if it's not on the menu.
i haven't seen Kids in a million years, but i can't imagine that Tad is not there any longer; let us know!
happy napping.

elena said:

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of course, i suppose you could get the other flu virus, but how likely is that?

Jen Weigel said:


My Doc said 90 percent of the flu's she has treated this season were H1N1- but since my insurance blows- I would have had to pay the 200 dollar test fee to find out.. so I didn't do it..
Soup it is!! :)

elena said:

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i think i have the same type of insurance as you. i didn't even go in to see a doctor, but i did speak with my pulmonologist on the phone.

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