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God hears you -- even if you don't go to church

Have you ever gone out to dinner and overheard the conversation at the table next to you?  From first dates to long time friends, the variety of table chat can be both entertaining and tedious.  Well, the other night my husband and I were out to eat, and we witnessed something unusual -- someone praying.

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First of all- I'm not talking about "saying Grace" before a meal.  I've seen that before- mostly on Sundays at brunch.  This was a young couple in their 20's and when the girl went to the bathroom, the man didn't check his blackberry or play with his food.  He put his hands together, and closed his eyes.

At first I thought he was just taking a moment to himself, but then I saw his lips moving ever so slightly.  I nudged my husband who was between bites of his appetizer, and motioned for him to look in the direction of the man who was two tables away.

"Maybe it's a first date, and he's praying that he gets lucky?"  My husband joked. 

We both had a chuckle over this-- and then, my thoughts turned serious.

Perhaps his mother was sick with cancer, or a friend was losing their home?  Maybe he was losing his job, or he just needed the right words to get through the date?

"Maybe he's praying that his credit card isn't denied at the end of the meal?"  My husband said, as our imaginations continued to wander.

"Whatever he's asking for, let's thank the Universe in advance that he gets it," I said.

This trick of thanking the Universe in advance was something I first read about in Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.  He says when you say "I need" or "I want"-- the Universe will continue to deliver more need and more want because that's really what you are praying for.  But if you thank the Universe in advance, as if you already have everything you could possibly need, your luck will turn around.  (I've written about this theory to find parking spaces in the Loop -- and it's worked for years.)

His date came back from the bathroom and he put his hands down and stopped praying.  They continued with their small talk, and my husband and I left to go home.


It's Sunday as I'm writing this, and many people started their day going to church. 

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I haven't been to church since my Dad died 8 years ago.  Personally, I think that whether you're at home washing the dishes or in the front row of the Congregation, God hears you no matter where you say your prayers.

Even if you're on a date at an Indian Restaurant in Andersonville, dammit!




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