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Expert says swine flu vaccine rushed to market

I don't usually watch Fox News- but I was sent a link to an interview showing an expert on infectious diseases saying that he would NOT give the H1N1 vaccine to his kids. Why?  Because it was rushed to market, and has preservatives linked to autism.
Clinic Offers Drive Thru Flu Shots
Yesterday my son was sent home with a flier urging parents to get their kids vaccinated against H1N1.  It listed several dates where the shots will be administered and listed all the reasons why this will help prevent illness through the flu season.  I am furious with District 65 in Evanston for putting the fear of God into all the parents with this misinformation.  This vaccine is too new to be proven to work by any means.  And now the majority of my kid's classmates are all going to be injected with preservatives proven to increase the chances of getting autism.

As you'll hear in the report- the swine flu is actually less severe than most strains of flu.  This is just another way the pharmaceutical companies are trying to make a buck by scaring the world.  So listen to Dr. Holtorf, who is an expert in the subject, and decide for yourselves..



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elena said:

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fox is the king of "putting the fear of god" into people and it seems like with these posts about the flu vaccines, you are following that same path. i don't see any evidence of research by you on the opposing side. as a matter of fact, it seems that you think the CDC and doctors who recommend the flu vaccine are lying to us and out to trick us and therefore you categorically discount anything they say.

one of your past posts said that the figures of deaths due to flu are exaggerated. i researched it and it seems that people who are hospitalized for the flu often die of pneumonia which was contracted because of having the flu. so, you are correct that they did not technically die of the flu, but of complications as a result of the flu. this is similar to AIDS where people do not actually die from the virus, but from contracting an illness as a result of the compromised immune system.

saturday the NYT published questions and answers about the H1N1 virus. it includes this statement: "Since August 30, at least 936 Americans have died of flu symptoms or flu-associated pneumonia, and it appears H1N1 2009 flu will be as deadly as seasonal flu, which kills about 36,000 people annually."
the article goes on to state the this flu seems to be affecting children and young adults, and most alarmingly, pregnant women.

personally, i have asthma. this puts me at great risk for complications caused by the flu. it is not really a smart option for me to not get the flu vaccines. children are still growing; their immune systems are still growing. anyone with a compromised immune system should definitely strongly consider the benefits of getting the vaccines!

as for the amount of mercury in a flu shot: it is less than in a tuna sandwich. also, it's not used in the nasal mist.

i know that i'm not going to change your mind about getting yourself vaccinated, and that is not my intention. i simply would like to see a little more research and acknowledgment of the other side of the discussion.

also, this video seems to be over a month old - from Labor Day.

Jen Weigel said:


If you want main stream coverage- that's what the news is for. With this blog, I give coverage to the side that does not get enough air time. I worked in the news- and I see how stories are formed. I formed them for years. You do what others do- and you don't make waves.... unless you are in the investigative unit- you don't stray from the mainstream. Now I'm choosing to make waves.
When I was in traffic- I literally saw people make up the travel times during rush hour because the equipment was always broken- yet people sat in their cars and believed what was said through their radio. Don't believe everything you hear from the mainstream media...

John Sheehan said:


Whenever I feel the need to work myself into a frenzy myself (which is not surprisingly rare) over "death panels' or Bigfoot sightings, my source of choice is always FOX 'News'. When it comes to an actual pandemic, I'm more inclined to take the CDC's advice on face value and go from there: http://www.cdc.gov/media/pressrel/2009/r090729b.htm

When vaccine is first available, the committee recommended that programs and providers try to vaccinate:

* pregnant women,
* people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age,
health care and emergency medical services personnel,
* persons between the ages of 6 months through 24 years of age, and
* people from ages 25 through 64 years who are at higher risk for novel H1N1 because of chronic health disorders or compromised immune systems.

The groups listed above total approximately 159 million people in the United States.

Just call me gullible, I guess.

Jen Weigel said:


I hear what you are saying Elena and John- but we have to remember that the CDC has to put things that the government and the FDA approve of- and as we all know- what they approve and what is considered "healthy" are not always the same. The mercury in the shots is WAY more than a tuna sandwich- that part I have research at length. I feel that to give these preservatives to young kids, babies, and pregnant moms is asking for trouble. I am not a doctor, but have spoken to many doctors that are afraid to go "on the record" about this for fear of being criticized. The only people who COULD get these shots without risks would be you and me- people in their 30's whose immune systems have been exposed to many things with time to build up anti-bodies.

I will continue to write about the angle that is ignored- which is that these preservatives are causing more harm than good. If I were a columnist for the Trib- maybe I would have a different take- but I'm not- I'm a blogger with an opinion, and that's my opinion...

Lizard Kucera said:


Well said.

elena said:

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where did you find the data on the mercury? the NYT says it's 25 mcg in the shot and 28 mcg in a tuna sandwich...maybe they are making really big sandwiches!

Jen Weigel said:


www.mercola.com had the statistic about mercury levels

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