I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Coincidence? Or something more?

I am on deadline for my second book, and spent the majority of the day holed up in a room writing.  But in the middle of my work day, I had another reminder that there is more going on in this vast Universe than we can ever imagine...so I had to share.

The section I was writing about today dealt with a conference where I was a featured speaker called "101 Powerful Women....And a Few Good Men.." taking place in San Diego.  I was recalling how I was blown away by the keynote speaker, Millard Fuller- who founded Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing.  

Habitat For Humanity Opens Global Village And Discovery Center

This man dedicated his life to building homes for those who fell on hard times.  He talked of his incredible faith, and how it motivated him to get out of bed and serve those who couldn't serve themselves.  I spent a lot of time with Millard the day of that conference, and had dinner with him and his wife that night.  His insights and graciousness were unforgettable.  

Now I normally get a little squirmy around the SUPER religious.. In my experience, they are judgmental or angry if you don't see things the way they do.  But Millard's stance was just the opposite.  He wasn't jamming his faith down my throat- he was merely sharing his beliefs and how they shaped his life.

In February of this year, Millard died of a heart attack unexpectedly.  He was only 74 years old.  As I sat to write the chapter today about meeting Millard, I felt overwhelmed with sadness that I couldn't call him and talk about the details.  I was struggling to remember the specifics.  So I looked up at the sky and started talking.

Hey Millard.  I am writing about you today.  Can you refresh my memory about our time together?

I sat for a minute.  I made more coffee.  I paced in the room.  I listened to the birds chirp....

And then, a flood of information entered my head.  I literally saw the entire dinner as it had played out in October of 2007.  I remembered how the wine tasted.  I remembered the expressions on people's faces.  I remembered Millard's laugh.  I remembered the dessert.  It was extraordinary.

Within minutes of finishing the chapter on Millard, I felt a sort of renewed faith in....well.. FAITH.  Here I'd asked a man on the other side for guidance- and he delivered completely.  
I re-read the chapter and felt great about what I'd put on the page.

And then my blackberry went off.

The subject read "Thank you from the Fuller Center for Housing.."

You've GOT to be kidding me!

I almost fell off my chair.

It was an email from the President of the Fuller Center for Housing.  Now, I admit that I'm on their mailing list- but I literally haven't received an email from them since Millard died in February of this year. 

I clicked onto the email and read: 

"Thank you for your continued support- as a God-centered movement, this is what the Fuller Center is all about.  We remain grateful for your prayers and partnership as we work toward building a better world, one house at a time..."

and then just below that, it said in italics:

Stay tuned for a special announcement about our new website in early November.. 

The name of my first book- the one I was promoting at the conference when I met Millard- is Stay Tuned

Tonight, I had dinner with some friends and I told them this story.

"That's just a coincidence," one of the skeptics said.

Maybe.  But to receive this email out of nowhere from the Fuller Center, as I was writing and talking to Millard... I dunno.  It sure felt like a wink from the other side to me.

But then again- I'm spiritual, dammit!



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Thinkinabout said:

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My skepticism persists, but you are clearly a magnet for the unusual.

Sarasansh said:

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Well I believe in something more! Can't wait to see yur new book!

Rose Marie Mikoljak said:


I do believe; I do believe! This gave me goosebumps. Too pointed to be random.

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