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Al Capone still haunts from the grave

So we're getting closer to Halloween- are you hearing things go bump in the night?  Any ghost sightings?  I've got a ghost story for you about Al Capone.  And considering that I didn't believe in ghosts before I started writing about this stuff- this one will scare the crap out of you.
I have a friend who owns a haunted house.  For the sake of anonymity- we'll call my friend "Joe".  This is a place that was once owned by famed gangster Al Capone.  It's across the border in Indiana.  Apparently, Capone and his gang would take the train, and hop off at this hunting lodge for a quick getaway on occasion. 

When Joe bought the place, he started renovating it.  That's when the fun began.

Workmen quit left and right.  Several claimed they saw a woman in a dress roaming the halls.  There was moaning, and lights flickering.  One house guest said he literally saw an entire party in the living room taking place- complete with flapper girls, cigars, and someone playing the piano.

Yeah right!

But it was a story from Joe himself that really convinced me. He was staying in the house by himself one night, and when he woke up in the morning- he noticed something startling.

"I was sipping my coffee, it was steaming hot, and I noticed that the coffee maker wasn't even plugged into the wall!"  He said with wide eyes.  "The red light was on, the coffee was hot, but there was no power source."

Joe is not a guy who would make stuff up.  He's a C.E.O. of a huge company, not a "Ghost Whisperer.."  The last thing he would do is say something to jeopardize his credibility.  (He's got companies to buy for gosh sakes..)

So I introduced Joe to my "I see dead people"  friend Therese Rowley.  (Her blog "From Paranormal to Pretty Normal" just launched this week on Chicagonow, by the way.)  Anyhow- not knowing a thing about Joe and his haunted home, she took a look at him and said,

"Al Capone is standing by you.  He's saying 'I love what you did to the place'."    

I asked Joe what he thought about this afterwards.

"Did you tell Therese I owned one of Al's old houses?"  He asked.

"Nope," I said.  I really hadn't.

"Hmmm" he said, puffing on his cigar.

So if you didn't believe before...do you believe now?



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vbeeno said:

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Wow, that sounds pretty reasonable to me dude!


helpermonkey said:

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wow - a journalist writing about a story he heard from a friend who's identity is unknown regarding an event that's physically impossible? and there was a psychic involved too which of course makes everything perfactly credible. you've totally convinced me with your staggering and overwhelming evidence.

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