I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Supporting theater is spiritual, dammit!

Earlier this week I blogged about music and how it heals the soul.  I mentioned going to see the musical High Fidelity, which is now playing at Piper's Alley- but I didn't really get to elaborate on how kick-ass the show really is- so here we go....

I am pretty well versed in live theater.  While most of my time as a Chicago actor was spent doing Shakespeare to audiences of about 5 people, I know how hard it is to pack the seats of a show- even if it's really good.  

When I was fresh out of college, I was in a troupe called "Shakespeare's Herd"- and we did a lot of heavy shows; Henry VI Parts 1, 2, and 3 to name a few.  I played Queen Margaret from age 14 to about 60- (thank God for ye olde make-up kit.) 

The talent in our troupe varied from excellent (James Anthony Zoccoli as Lord of Suffolk) to a guy who would start speaking in an Irish accent whenever he was trying to make a point.

"Me Laaaaaarrrd!!  Whaaaar aaaaaart Thou meeee Laaaaarrrrd???!!"

Despite certain moments when I felt like I was a cast member of "Waiting for Guffman", we were all passionate about Shakespeare, and didn't care if the houses were small, and the furnace was broken.  (True story- I had to put those "heat packs" in my shoes in the dead of winter because I couldn't feel my toes.)  

One night when I was performing a emotional monologue as Queen Margaret about the death of my son, I was interrupted by a homeless man hocking a loogie a few feet from the stage.  He was one of six audience members who only came inside to get out of the snow.  It was then that I decided to shift gears and follow my dream of becoming a full time writer and broadcaster.  

You can take the chick out of the theater, but......

There are a lot of great shows I've missed over the years because of work, or scheduling conflicts.  But if you want to be a spiritual warrior- you must support the arts.  No more excuses.  Too expensive?  Movies are ten dollars, and I'm going to give you a special code to get High Fidelity tickets for just 20 bucks- so don't even try it.  

Plus- the show is just awesome.  It is so rare to see an actor who sings, and then plays an instrument, and then can act on top of it.  That's what you get in High Fidelity.  (If you don't know, it's based on the book by Nick Hornby and the movie that was shot in Chicago starring John Cusack.)  Stef Tovar plays the Cusack role, and I think he nails it.  Also incredible are the two sidekicks, Jonathan Wagner and Michael Mahler- who rock out with the band as if singing were their full time gig and not acting.

The cast of "High Fidelity" now playing at Piper's Alley

So here is what you do- if you call the box office and order tickets with the code "Chicagonow.com" - you can get them at the discount price of just 20 bucks.  (That's the same price they're charging students...a bargain!)  Shows are Thursdays thru Sundays so you have lots of options.  The number is 312-664-8844.  

I called and the lady answered "Tony-n-Tina's Wedding....I mean, High Fidelity tickets- can I help you?"  (Makes sense since TNT as they call it ran at Piper's Alley for 17 years!  I guess old habits die hard.)

So do your spiritual part and support Chicago's theater scene.  Remember- you'll walk out of the show feeling great with all that music therapy.  Plus- you'll help feed some actors so they don't have to resort to working in venues without heat.  (But in case they do- here's an FYI:  
A few shakes of cayenne pepper in your socks will work just as well as those heat packs.)

And it's less expensive too, dammit!



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OBIC said:


This post title would make a great theatre subscription campaign: Supporting [insert theatre company here] is spiritual, dammit! Although, it would have to be the right company. Supporting Hell in a Handbag Productions is spiritual, dammit!... has a nice ring to it.

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