I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Oprah is spiritual, dammit!

When it comes to being a spiritual warrior- we all know Oprah is a pioneer.  Her word is... well- all powerful.  (Who else could get permission to shut down Michigan Avenue??)  And as her new season gets under way in a few days, I'm hoping that in addition to interviews with folks like Whitney Houston, Oprah will continue to push the "woo-woo" envelope. 
Madame Tussauds Celebrates President Barack Obamas Birthday
Last summer, I was watching a re-run of Oprah where she interviewed Dr. Brian Weiss- author of "Many Lives, Many Masters."  Weiss- a Yale Medical School Graduate- feels that if you learn about your past lives through hypnosis, you can better understand certain phobias you might have in this life.  When his book came out in the 80's, he was worried about losing all credibility with his Yale colleagues, and permanently tarnishing his reputation. 

Now Weiss is a best selling author who was interviewed by Oprah.

I think the risk was worth it, don't you?

Then Dr. Oz, who was also on the same episode with Dr. Weiss, explained that there are physicists who have an equation that proves there are several different dimensions happening at once... at least eleven- and it's as if the Universe is separated by shower curtains, and so if you could imagine, eleven versions of yourself living at one time- but in different dimensions.  (Kind of a lot to wrap your head around, I know....)  Our consciousness, he says, bleeds in and out of these realities, and THAT might explain this whole "past lives" thing...

I personally love the thought that there are several other versions of myself happening at the same time.  (Too busy to finish a task?  Just blame it on running errands in 10 other dimensions.)

When I was doing research for my first book, I met a woman who doesn't need to hypnotize you to see your past lives.  I've talked about her in this blog.  Her name is Therese Rowley, and she is a C.E.O. Consultant who has been able to see spirits and energies since she was six years old.  (Huh?!) She's also Catholic, goes to Mass every week, and can tell you all about your "past lives".

She says that having this knowledge about "past lives" can help you understand certain relationships and why they are playing out the way they are in this lifetime.  It can also help you understand your fears.  Why you are afraid of flying?  (Maybe you were killed in a plane crash.) Why you don't like clowns? (You were locked in a closet with circus performers in the 1800's.) Why do you hate your step mom? (Perhaps she accidentally killed you in a car accident back in the 50's.) 

I was sitting at dinner with Therese and some friends just last week, and Therese started telling my friend Tracy about the life Tracy had as an art model in Paris.  Tracy's eyes widened.

"I am OBSESSED with Paris!" She gushed.  "I have like 10 books on Paris right now that I'm reading.  I'm not kidding!"

Therese didn't know this.  She just told Tracy what she saw.

I had a boss who was pretty awful to be around, and he never gave me the time of day.  I was always working late and taking on extra assignments to please him, and he couldn't care less.  I went for a "research" session with Therese, and she told me that this boss was actually my husband in Quaker times, and she saw me cooking, and cleaning, and doing everything for this man, and he just didn't care.

"Part of you is still feeling the pain of that lifetime, so it's bleeding into this one," Therese explained.  "I'm going to take this picture out of here and take him out of your energetic field so you can have some of your power back."

My energetic field?

The next week at work, all the friction that I had with that boss was completely gone.

How did she do that?!

Therese also told me that my closest friend and I were sisters and both nuns in the 1700's.  I was the one sneaking chocolate cake into Mass, and my friend was busy praying for my soul.  Ironically, this is exactly how we were growing up- (minus the nun outfits.)  I got into trouble, and she was always trying to cover it up and save my ass. 
So Oprah- wouldn't it be fun to hear what kind of past lives you had with Gayle?Oprah Winfrey parties in a Robin Hood style at the Jacob K. Javits Center 

As you gear up to take over Michigan Avenue- promise me that while you enjoy musical guests like the Black Eyed Peas- that you will continue to enlighten the world.  You don't have that many seasons left here- and we still have a lot of enlightening to do before greed and ego take over.  If you need suggestions, I've got a handful of people in my "woo-woo" address book that will blow your circuits. 

And I know you can handle it, because you're also spiritual, dammit!    



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Renee said:

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My friend Tara, from Willowbrook, caught you at a reading for Elizabeth Gilbert. Tara bought your book. After reading, she sent to me in South Carolina. I focused in on Therese Rowley immediately and set in motion to what led to a reading over the Labor Day holiday on a short visit to Chicago. Overwhelmed. Cannot wait to listen to my recording. You and Therese are amazing women.

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