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Miss Universe might be fixed?? Say it isn't SO!

I got sent a link today for an interview with the Miss Universe choreographer Michael Schwandt.  In this interview, he reveals...(wait for it....wait for it....) that The Miss Universe Pageant isn't necessarily following the rules when it comes to picking a winner.  

Well- knock me over with a feather!
Miss Universe and Miss USA at the Top of the Rock in New York
I started quite a stir when I posted my blog about being in the Miss Illinois USA Pageant.  There is no way that pageant was run with integrity.  

"You're just bitter you didn't win," one email said.  

"Sounds like sour grapes," said another.  

Many defended the pageant system.  One lady from Texas called me a loser.  (Seriously?  That's all you got?)  Another guy told me to get some spanx to cover my jiggles..(funny, but I think I'm in excellent shape.  Did he read another blog??) 

And now I would like you all to enjoy the following interview section where Miss Universe choreographer Michael Schwandt reveals that Donald Trump picks half the finalists- and not the judges.

"Then he does something that's a bit odd.  At all the shows, he pops in the day before the telecast and we line up all the girls in alphabetical order behind microphones.  And they say their name, age and country.  Then we line them up in one single file across the stage.  And he basically walks by and has an assistant that takes notes on all the girls.  And it's just kind of common knowledge that he picks six of the top fifteen single-handedly."

And Trump's reason for orchestrating the results, says Michael...

"As he told me and he's told the girls before, is that he left it all up to the preliminary judging in the past and some of the most beautiful women, in his opinion, were not in the top fifteen and he was kind of upset about that.  And he decided that he would pick a certain number and let the judges pick a certain number." 

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez is crowned Miss Universe 2009 in Nassau, Bahamas

So now, do the women who weren't in the final fifteen have a lawsuit?? I mean, they were not told of this "Trump Pick" when preparing for the pageant- and Trump didn't interview any of the contestants personally, which is supposed to count for one third of the vote in this contest.  And this interview reveals that by lining them up in a row- Trump picks 6 finalists.  No conversation- no evening gown- just on how they look in their swimsuits...


I hope one of them DOES file a lawsuit.  I'd like to see how the pageant system defends themselves...  Maybe it can be televised and Heidi Montag can butcher another Yaz song for our entertainment pleasure?  At least that will keep Michael the choreographer busy...(that is- if he isn't fired for giving that interview and spilling the beans on these fixed pageants!)



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elly said:


Can't say I'm surprised. He pays for their boobs, might as well pick which pair will win. I'm sure there's even more corruption behind the scenes, but we'll never know...

Ashley Bond said:


Well this may be a surprise to the world. However, we (as in me and the 50 other contestants competing at Miss USA) knew that Donald Trump picked 6 of the top 15 contestants. I knew even before I competed for Miss Illinois USA. We were also told the first week we arrived in Las Vegas to compete for Miss USA. So to say that the contestants didn't know is incorrect.

Jen Weigel said:


And why are you okay with this? Why aren't they honest in the rules? It states that for the top 15, it's like starting from scratch and all earlier scores are wiped from the slate- but this is so obviously not true. 6 of the 15 have a significant advantage by being "Trump-fav's"-
I would like someone to do the research and see if ANY winner has ever been chosen for the pageant who wasn't one of those final 6... then it should just be the "top 6" and forget the other 9. Save the other girls the trouble.

ST said:

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I can't believe I let myself get suckered into watching that show just to see how Heidi Montag would do, and now I can't believe I'm bothering to post a comment. Ugh, anyway they clearly said right on the show that the semi-finalists were picked in consultation with the Trump Organization. You could tell who Donald Trump picked because they all looked and sounded like Melania.

elly said:


Hehe, that's exactly what my mom said while we were watching it (and also like his first wife).

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