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Lingerie Football hits Chicago

Women will be taking another step backwards today when the Chicago Bliss kick off their season tonight at the Sears Center Arena.  What would a "Bliss" be?  A female lingerie football team.  (And I thought prancing around on stage in a swimsuit and heels was bad?) Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl Media Day
Unlike The Miss Universe pageant, the organizers of Lingerie Football League are at least honest about how they choose their participants.   

"We make no bones about it." Said Stephon McMillen, media director for the Los Angeles team.  "We have to be able to pull fans into the arena so we looked for players that are beautiful, but they also have to be athletic and definitely have confidence."

The players are gorgeous, freakishly tall and ridiculously skinny....(with the exception of having huge boobs- there isn't much for these women to grab on to when making a tackle.) 

Yes- there will be tackles.  No punting and no field goals- but tackles.  

The women have to look good when running at full steam. (Do you know how hard that is??) Since they aren't wearing shirts- the numbers go on their ass.


Bosses of hugely popular Lingerie Bowl launch a spin off all womens professional football league

I think women should play any sport that a man plays.  I just wonder why we have to do it in garter belts and lace panties?!  If they are indeed great athletes, and can tackle, then get involved with the Women's Football Alliance.  If you have to put on a full face of makeup before taking the field, and get a bikini wax, then it shouldn't count as a sport.  

This might be a lot like watching Vh-1 Reality show Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels, when the women play a tackle game of pigskin in the "Mud Bowl" to win Bret's heart.  I just hope nobody pops an implant.

If you haven't made plans for the weekend- and you wanna watch some chicks get slammed around in bras and underwear, you can head on out to the burbs.  My guess is that most of those attending the game will be unattractive, overweight men, but if that describes you- then you'll be among friends.

The Bliss' first opponent will be the Miami Caliente.  Tickets for the event in Hoffman Estates range from 8 to 63 bucks.  If you miss them this time, the next home game isn't until December 18th, when they play the Philadelphia Passion.

In the meantime, I'm going to do some digging and see if I can find out who is responsible for these terrible team names??  As if the Philadelphia Passion weren't cheesy enough, there's also the Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction, and New York Majesty.  Is this the best you could do?!

Former Bears coach Mike Ditka is taking an equity stake in the league, so maybe he helped come up with some of them.

You can do better than that, Mike!

I think Da Bliss has a better ring to it, don't you?



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imagine_that said:

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Isn't it a little hypocritical to essentially criticize the LFL for being shallow, yet in the same article refer to the primary fan base as unattractive, over-weight men?

Women taking a step back? Hey, some people are born with brains, others with good looks - these girls are playing the hand they were dealt. Can't blame them there. Not to mention that most of them work hard at looking good - it's not easy to stay in great shape, which they appear to be in... unlike your traditional fashion model that's on the cocaine and crackers diet. Most of them couldn't throw a football 5 feet if their life depended on it.

Sex sells - get used to it. No one wants to see unattractive women play football any more than they want to watch ugly actors in movies. If guys want to watch humans they're not attracted to play football, they can watch the NFL - there's a reason nobody cares about the WNBA. The guys are better and more entertaining to watch. Now take a look at the LPGA these days... both the looks and skills are improving, so the ratings follow.

Finally, honestly... convince me that more women wouldn't mind watching NFL/MLB/whatever with their husbands if the guys were running around with their shirts off. A lot of womens favorite players just coincidentally happen to be the cutest... Tom Brady, anyone? My wife fully admits she would mind watching the Cubs as much if they focused more on Theriot.

So, with that, I'm off to continue doing what I was doing when I stumbled across this article... find pictures of the Bliss players! :P

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