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Flu death numbers exaggerated by Center for Disease Control

So why is the "spiritual" lady writing about flu shots again?  Many people on a spiritual path are choosing NOT to vaccinate their children or themselves because of mounting research that it does more harm than good.  Here's some more evidence to get that pot stirred up...Free Pictures | acobox.com
I was watching TV last night, and there was a commercial for the flu shot that said "a flu shot decreases your chances of getting the flu by 70 percent."  This is a blatant lie- so how can they have this false statement in a commercial?

I'd like to share with you the insert from the packaging of the 2009-2010 flu shot FLULAVAL.  It literally reads "There have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL." 


So where are those commercials getting that 70 percent statistic??

How about this statistic:  After 51 study results were published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in 2006, they found no evidence that the flu vaccine was more effective than a placebo in children.  This study was done on 260,000 kids ages 23 months to 6 years old.

The only place I could find a 70 percent statistic like that silly commercial I saw, was on Mercola.com.  They claim that 70 percent of Doctors and Nurses don't get the flu shot because they don't think it will work.

HMMMMM- yet they're giving them to us?!

The Center for Disease Control's main page says 36 thousand people die from the flu each year.  But that is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.  The most recent "data" they have is from 2005- which states the actual number of deaths from the flu virus is only 1,806.  In 2004- only 1100 people died from the flu virus.  They say "36 thousand" because they are lumping in the pneumonia related deaths into that figure- which is a scare tactic.  Think about it- they'd barely sell ANY flu shots if the headline was, "ELEVEN HUNDRED DIE EACH YEAR!!"
And another thing to keep in mind- when you go to the Doctor- ask them if your shots contain the preservative "thimerosal".  This is actually Mercury.  We all know the controversies surrounding Mercury and what it does to brain development.  According to the CDC- the majority of all flu shots have this- some as much as 25 mcg per dose.  That means- your shots could have 250 times the EPA's safety limit for mercury hidden inside a fancy name. 


I got slammed by my friends claiming I was "irresponsible" for speaking out against the flu shot in my first blog on this topic.  But guess what- we "spiritual warriors" are ON to something. 

If you have time, check out the youtube video below.  You too can get engrossed with the reality that we are once again being hoodwinked into thinking we have to buy a drug to stay healthy. 

And if there is a moral programmer left in this world who could please get those inaccurate CVS commercials yanked from the network rotations, it would be greatly appreciated.



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elly said:


Awesome detective work, and very useful info :):):)

elly said:


Awesome detective work, and very useful info :):):)

elena said:

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The CDC website states that there is a 70-90% efficacy rate for prevention of the flu in healthy adults. That could be where CVS is getting that information.
Every doctor and nurse that I know, and everyone who works in the clinic I frequent, claims to have had a flu vaccine.

Whitney Ferre' said:


Thanks for this, Jen! I was just talking with my doctor yesterday about this exact issue. My gut said not to get my kids vaccinated. Your "gut" is a really valuable resource! Amen!

ERRn said:

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OMG..... Finally someone using the brain we were given. I have been working in the Emergency for 18yrs.... I am and have been around people w/ flu and H1N1....... do I get the flu shot..... NO!
In my years, I have treated more people "post" getting the flu shot, then when they catch it naturally. Our hosp, administration, was walking around nasal spraying as many nurses w/ the H1N1 vac that would accept it.......(CDC states that post the nasal vac, that you "SHOULD NOT" be around anyone immunocompromised for at least 7 days!!!! And yet they are having nurses take it while working???? They need to pull their heads out of there butts. Because I refused to take the seasonal flu shot, the hosp I work at is requiring me to wear a mask till March,.... our country is turning socialistic right below our noses, and the Media doesn't help feeding this Frenzy......... If your sick, STAY HOME!!! Rest, force as much fluids as you can stand, treat your fever. Give your body every advantage to fight the bug you have.
Turn off the news and read a good book!!!

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