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Don't bitch when it's free

I had the pleasure of meeting many Chicagonow.com readers yesterday at Blogapalooza.  But I have to ask- is it spiritual to complain about the free spread?
Bravo's "Top Chef: The Tour"
Picture this:  Free sake, free chicken satay and free crab rangoon.  Sounds like the makings of a pretty good evening, don't you think?  

So when a man walked up to the table and said,"I'm a vegetarian- what do you have for ME?"
I looked at him and said, "I guess just booze."  

Now to me, this sounds like a pretty good option, but you'd a thunk I told this man to "get bent" the way he huffed and puffed. 

"Not even TOFU?!"  He blurted.

I looked over at the chef of Baisi Thai, and asked "Do you have tofu Lu?"

Myself with Chef Lu from Baisi Thai Restaurant in Chicago

"Yes- I would be happy to make some.  But that is not part of the free appetizers today," he said with a smile.  

Lu had already kicked things up a notch by offering free saketini's instead of just sake- so that was already pretty amazing, and yet this man was still not satisfied.

"This is bullshit," he said, and he stormed off.  

My girlfriend looked over at me and said, "Why are vegetarians always so angry??"

I thought about this for a minute.  I have a lot of "militant" non meat eater friends.  Most of them seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

"Maybe it's because they're craving a nice slab of bacon?"  I joked.

I've gone the non meat route, and I respect those who can keep it up.  But for me, I find that every once in a while, I crave a good steak.  

A while later, I am signing my book for some folks, and I see a woman out of the corner of my eye pick up one of my books and start to read.  She laughs out loud, and keeps going.  I'm thinking, 'I'm gonna make another sale here.'  But then after a few minutes, she slowly slips the book into her shopping bag and walks out.

Oh my God- that lady just stole a book!

At first I wanted to run after her.  I was selling them for cheap- (10 bucks- when they're normally 25 in the stores) so this was a bargain in my eyes.  But then I stopped myself.  

She must really be in need of a dose of some humorous spirituality.

Hopefully, from a Karmic perspective, she'll like the book so much that she'll buy one for a friend at the full price of 25 bucks, and then we'll be even.

So as Blogapalooza was winding down and I was getting ready to leave, I started packing up the books I had left.

"Can you grab the ones outside for me?" I asked my friend Elena.  We'd left a stack outside the front entrance to let people know I would be signing.

"There are only two," she said.

Oh my GOD- a whole PILE of books was stolen!

Just a little fyi to the book thieves... those had to be bought from the publisher by me.  I then sell them to you.  So I'm now 120 bucks in the hole.


I'm trying to be spiritual about this, because that's my thing, right?  If any of you book stealers are reading this- can you do me a favor and at least buy one for a friend?  Karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the butt- so wipe your slate clean and do your part.  

Otherwise, someone is going to steal 10 bucks from you in the future, and in this economy, I would hate to see that happen.  Nobody deserves to be robbed when our financial future is so unstable, right?

And to all my new friends from the event: Ernerst, Josh, Ana, Drew, Mark, Joey, Kimberley, Heidi, Jeannine, The Three Musketeers, and everyone else whose name is escaping me because I had "tee many saketoonis"- THANK YOU for making last night so much fun.  I loved meeting you all as well as many of the other bloggers for Chicagonow.com.

(Oh- and a side note- Ashley Bond from Body by Bond is even cuter in person.... just so you know!)



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elly said:


WOW, I don't really eat/like meat, but I would never even think about complaining about FREE appetizers! What's next, someone is going to come and complain because there aren't non-alcoholic "saketinis" hehe!?

The book thieves- wow!!! I hope they realize the books were for sale, and maybe buy a few to make up for it.

Next time, write some post-its and stick them inside the books. Maybe even include this blog's URL, so they can read your wonderful blogs, or is it just called blog 'entries'?! Anyways...Karma will do its job and maybe something great can come of it this time :):):)

Hope the rest of the evening was lots of fun :)

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