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Communication troubles? Blame it on Mercury!

If you haven't noticed- you might be experiencing computer glitches, car troubles, or communication meltdowns. It's not the economy, or your cable provider.  It's outer space.Earths Moon is seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-128
This whole theory that planetary alignment could be affecting your electronics and travel plans may seem out there- but ancient astrologers have long been warning that when Mercury- the planet of communication- goes "retrograde"- be aware that it will greatly affect your travel, thinking and perception, relationships, processing, and transportation.

This typically happens three times a year (except in 2009, it's happening 4 times... Yay.)
The most recent "retrograde" started on September 6th, and goes "direct" Sept 29th. I personally have had a blackberry meltdown, my email and voice mail messages get deleted, and my alarm clock go off for no reason- (and this retrograde thing just started a few days ago!)

NASA unveils Hubbles new science in Washington

Nancy Reagan used to get a lot of criticism for believing in this planetary phenomenon- and would council her husband against signing anything of importance when Mercury was in retrograde.  It's known among the "woo-woo" community that if you sign any contracts during this time, they won't likely last:  Marriage, a lease, a work contract.... Historically speaking- many spiritual folks feel that to do so when Mercury is in retrograde is setting oneself up for disaster and disappointment.

However- some other astrology experts and psychics that I've interviewed say that you can make a deal when Mercury is in retrograde that will be successful and beneficial, but the circumstances won't stay the same for long.  So if you DO sign a contract for work- your salary might change- or the terms could switch soon after you sign.  So it's not totally a bad thing- but it can just be a temporary thing.  

I know a friend who signed papers today for a work contract.

"It was so cool- because I dated it 9-9-09.  That must be significant," she said.

Then I thought about the whole planet theory.

"True," I said, "or this could be the start of something that will grow into something different- something even better!"

So if you're computer is crashing- your car is stalling- or your friends keep misunderstanding you, don't despair.  It's not about YOU!  It's because of the way the planets are aligned.  Just wait a few weeks, and things will improve.

And if you really are superstitious and you happen to be getting married in the next three weeks- I'd say- lose the deposit and change your wedding dates.  Otherwise- you may be looking at divorce court in a few years.

(I'm just telling you what the planets are telling me.... dammit!)




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