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BPA is bad for everyone- not just babies

So there's been a movement of sorts to get baby bottles made without the chemical BPA- or Bisphenal A- because of it's potential risks for your child's brain development.  But it turns out adult exposure to BPA is also quite dangerous, and those levels are much higher than previously estimated.
Jessica Alba, baby Honor Marie and Cash Warren happily stroll through New York
Production of the chemical BPA has reached 7 Billion pounds per year according to an article in Science News.  The BPA levels supposedly increase when plastic bottles or cups are heated up- either in the dishwasher or the microwave.  Makers of baby products are clamoring to develop "BPA-free" products, such as the new baby dipper bowl that is set to be released December 1st of this year.

But now, there is evidence that BPA can cause heart arrhythmia's in women and permanent damage to a gene important for reproduction. 

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery went to Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills, CA

What's a woman to do if she's trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid a heart attack???  Never use plastics again?  That won't really matter because BPA based resins line most food an beverage cans.  Yet, the media seems to be spending the majority of its focus on the plastic baby bottles. 

So NOW what do we do??

Even more disturbing news:  A Canadian government study found that BPA was found in jars of baby food at an alarming rate.  That's right- the coating inside the lid.... loaded with BPA.


So now, moving to Canada won't even fix this problem.  .

Does anyone have an email for Barak Obama?  Or even to Michelle?  I'm sure neither of them would want to think that their daughters might be at risk for a heart attack or have reproductive issues just because they like to drink soda out of a can every once in a while.  Or because they were fed baby food or used baby bottles out of the dishwasher when they were younger.

Is NOTHING safe anymore????

Looks like we'll all have to grow our own food and package the excess in homemade jars to get by until someone can figure this mess out. 

And....... since that's totally unrealistic, I guess I'll have to resort to going back to my diet from college; bags of pretzels and beer.  But those cans of Natural Light we used to buy in excess will have to go because of the whole "BPA in aluminum cans" thing...

Geez- even a frosty cold adult beverage isn't safe from BPA.  That is, unless it's in glass, right?  If they tell me there's BPA in a bottle of Bud Light, I'm going to have hurt somebody.



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hairbo said:

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You shouldn't be drinking Bud Light, no matter what it comes in.

Kristie said:

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Just another reason to drink wine instead ;)

Archangel said:

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Big fan and first commentor (I just made up that word), if its beer in Chicago, it must be it has to be Old Style. Surely the krausening would kill any foreign chemicals....)

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