I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Are buffets spiritual?

I have always thought that the concept of a buffet is kind of obscene.  I mean do we really need to have the option for "all you can eat" ribs??  And isn't part of being "woo-woo" being practical?  Can you be practical when you are stuffing your face? 

Well, recently I found a buffet that is now making me re-think my theory on this whole issue- and it's located right on Michigan Avenue, no less!

When Chicagonow.com asked if I'd take place in blogapalooza, I was happy to do so.  If you haven't heard of this, it's when a slew of bloggers plan to take over the Shops at 900 N. Michigan Avenue from 5-7pm this Thursday...(which sounds both cool, and scary at the same time.)  The spot where I'll be camped out signing books and talking to readers is Baisi Thai- a restaurant on the 6th floor with an incredible view of Michigan Avenue that stretches all the way to Oak Street Beach.
The view and location were enough to make me a regular- but then they mentioned the buffet..."all you can eat" from 11:30-3pm for about 10 bucks.

Not a buffet!

When I hear that word, I picture Homer Simpson stuffing his face at lightning speed trying to get his money's worth.  I recently went to a restaurant in Andersonville that touted a spectacular dinner buffet- "all you can eat" for 18 dollars.  This spread was full of enough mystery meat and over cooked vegetables to feed an entire stadium. 

"Do you want the buffet?"  I heard a man ask his date at the table next to me.

"Why would I want to serve myself?"  She said.  "Isn't part of the fun of eating out getting waited on?!"

Here here!

When my husband and I were dating and took a trip to Vegas, he couldn't wait to take me to the buffet at Caesar's Palace.  I ate so many crab legs that I spent the rest of the afternoon recovering in the room.  To me, this is not a good time.

But thankfully- the buffet at Baisi Thai is NOTHING like I'd seen before.  We're talking pot stickers, satay, steamed veggies- Yummy and healthy. 

"We will serve appetizers for your event on Thursday," the chef told me.  "And how about a sake-tini special?"

Sake-tini specials??? Now you're talking my language.

So if you can't make it to Baisi Thai on Thursday for Happy Hour with me- at least come another time.  It's the best view in town for an "all you can eat" buffet, I assure you.  And FYI- Britney Spears was just in there with her kids. 

And if it's good enough for Britney....it's gotta be good enough for you, dammit!



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elena said:

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ooh, saketinis. i have to play it by ear on thursday but hope i can make it. sounds like fun!

Joey Morelli said:


We worked together at Davis Street Fish Market. xoxoxo

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