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How to get rich

If you're looking for the key to having unlimited abundance- apparently the answer is easy:
You just have to give away your money.
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I know this sounds nuts- but from an energetic stand point, it has some merit.  

I was looking through an email from mercola.com, which is an incredible resource for wellness- and I found myself reading a health blog entitled "How to become an outrageous giver."  

"The people that give money away tend to receive more back," it said.  "Giving helps you to create an abundance mentality.  If you are giving abundantly, that means you are confident that you have enough money without it."

This makes sense in some ways, but I started to think of a rich woman I know who gives and gives and gives- but it's not from an abundant mentality, it's from the exact opposite.  She is so eager to have friends, she tries to buy your affection.  She is so empty inside, she thinks she can eliminate her depression by buying people stuff.  (It ain't working, by the way...)

So the mercola theory could be accurate under the right circumstances.  

Now let's look at another abundance theory for a second.  Dr. Judith Orloff is a best selling author, psychiatrist, and an expert in the world of healing and intuition.  In her book "Positive Energy", she talks about how she leaves money anonymously out in the world; 2 bucks, 5 bucks, doesn't matter- just leave it on the floor or in the bathroom for someone to see, and you will make someone's day.  

"Everyone loves to find money," she told me.  "It's a great way to elevate your mood and the mood of a total stranger."

So now, here we are in a recession and I'm asking people to leave 5 bucks on the public bathroom sinks of the world...

Am I nuts??

Well, apparently not.

"The combination of an abundance mentality and thankfulness puts you in a better attitude and state to attract money and opportunity to yourself," says mercola.com.

But now here's the reality check.....We all know that money won't make you happy.  Of course it sure makes it easier when you can pay your bills, but look at that friend of mine who gives and gives and still feels lost- it's a temporary fix.  If you want to get rich- you have to start by becoming emotionally healthy inside.  

When I hear people bitch and moan about their life, I always try to go to my "woo-woo" pile- and suggest a certain author, or book, or maybe a conference that may help them grow.  9 times out of 10, they respond with, "Oh, I can't afford to spend money on myself right now..." 

That's a load of crap!  

You have to invest in yourself to better yourself.  If you don't- then who will??   When you spend money on your personal growth and wellness, I believe it will come back to you tenfold.

So if you won't take the baby steps to create gratitude and abundance by leaving money on the floor of the mall, do me a favor- and walk over to the book store, and treat yourself to one of Dr. Orloff's books.  (Her latest- Emotional Freedom is now an international best seller.)  She'll teach you how to elevate your emotions permanently.

Then report back to me and let me know how it goes, dammit!



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