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Girlfriend's getaway cures everything

When it comes to doing something for yourself - we always feel guilty.  But what if I told you that by treating yourself, you were actually improving the quality of life of those around you?Winemakers Face Sales Crisis Amidst Economic Downturn
In this day and age, we think that doing something for oneself is actually selfish or narcissistic- but in reality- the exact opposite is happening. 

I interviewed best selling author Caroline Myss, and she said one of the biggest problems women have today is taking time for themselves. 

"You have to think of it as if you were on the airplane, and if the plane were going down- you have to put your oxygen mask on before helping small children," she said.  "It's self-first and not self-ish.  By doing something for yourself, you will be a better mother, and employee, and spouse.  It's absolutely essential to do a little something for yourself every once in a while, or you become bitter and resentful.  That doesn't do anyone a bit of good.  Women have a really hard time with this."

No shit!!

I am currently on a girlfriend's getaway for a few days of wine tasting and hiking.  I have to say, when I left for the airport, I literally felt that I was in trouble. And this is the conditioning that our society puts on Mom's today.  We are expected to work, and not even think about enjoying ourselves.  If you do- then you're a selfish idiot.

When I arrived at our destination, my one girlfriend asked me what time it was- and I looked at my wrist and saw that I'd accidentally forgotten my watch.

"Oh God- I have no idea what time it is!"  I said.

"Good!" She said.

So far on this trip- I have laughed, and talked, and biked, and run.  I've had a couple days of absolute joy and now it's time to go back to reality.  I can't wait to see my family, but I'm also really glad I took a couple of days away to enjoy my girlfriends.

"Everyone needs to take care of their needs to be the best they can be,"  Caroline Myss said.  

So how about you?  Have you done anything for yourself this summer?

If not, time is ticking.  There are only a couple weeks left for you to get something on the calendar.  If you don't, you'll just be that crabby person noone wants to be around.

And that's no way to live, dammit!



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