I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Everyone can afford to give ONE DOLLAR to charity

I was at the Petco in Skokie the other day buying dog food when I was faced with a dilemma:
How do I stay "spiritual" when the guy in front of me in line is being greedy?
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I was minding my own business with a cart full of dog food, and as the man in front of me was checking out, the woman ringing him up asked, "Would you like to donate a dollar to help a homeless animal today?"

He looked up at her and said, "Nope."


Who doesn't have one dollar to give to animals without a home?  He had just paid 74 dollars for a ton of organic dog food and he didn't have one whopping buck

What an asshole!

After he wheeled his high end dog food out of the store, I got up to the check out counter and gave two dollars.  I don't know why I felt the need to make up for his lack of giving, but it somehow made me feel like I was helping bring balance back to the Universe.

Which brings me back to my other blog post from last week about giving a gift without conditions.  One commenter "Thinkinabout" wrote that is impossible to give without some sort of motive- because if we give to make ourselves feel better- isn't that a motive, and not giving out of pure love?
I DID give to help homeless animals- which in turn made me feel better- which I guess is a motive.  So maybe "Thinkinabout" is right?

And then there's the fact that I got mad at the dude who didn't give a dollar.  As I wrote yesterday- Deepak Chopra says any anger, even if it's anger at the guy who won't give a measly buck to helpless and homeless animals, just adds to the anger in the Universe.  The only thing that will diffuse negativity is love.

This spirituality stuff is exhausting!

When I got home from the pet store, I told my husband about the man who wouldn't give.

"You never know what he does in his spare time," he said.  "Maybe that guy gives millions every year to homeless animals somewhere else?"

I HATE it when he's right.

"Yeah- well then one more dollar to a millionaire wouldn't make a difference," I said.  

(I watched the "non giver" go to his car by the way, and he drove a Lexus, so there's no doubt he could spare 100 pennies.)

And while I know Deepak would council me not to judge, if you ask me- whether that guy gives 10 million a year to different charities, or none at all, he still should have given one dollar to the lady at Petco...




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donnagutman said:

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One can only wish that his dog gives back the organic food in the backseat of his Lexus while he is driving on a rural road on the way to his vacation home.

hairbo said:

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While it's true that most everyone can afford the extra buck, it is often annoying and intrusive to be asked by so many people for money so often. People call you up asking for money, stuff comes in the mail, you're asked for small donations at the grocery store. Homeless guys ask for spare change. Tv ads tell you about starving children half a world away. I know that every time I say no to an offer, I go on a guilt trip, so much to the extent that I resent the charity organizations for putting me in a guilt trip to begin with. Sure, I could give money to all of them (I'd be kind of broke) but sometimes I just want to be left alone.

Joe the Cop said:


I personally feel lucky to get the opportunity to give in small amounts, like the $1 you mention. Being asked to GIVE can be daunting--I end up hemming and hawing about giving larger amounts, and can end up not doing anything. But the "eh, it's only a dollar" strategy always gets me to give.

girleegirl said:


cute....yer husband is right. petco ALWAYS asks for a buck for homeless animals. I am feeding homeless, rescue animals I took in, so - No - I don't donate a buck at petco. Who knows, I might even drive a lexus....

doctorchad said:

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Why is anger given a negative connotation? Anger and pain are the equals of joy and love and fear and sadness. There are no bad emotions.

You got angry. Your anger drove you to give TWO dollars to the cause. Sounds like a positive in the universe if you ask me.

Jen Weigel said:


I agree that anger can produce a breakthrough which eventually is a good thing- but sometimes- people use anger as an excuse not to grow- and be "right"- which is all the ego talking- and not love..or joy. If there is too much anger, it has a negative impact on your body and can manifest in certain illnesses. I know so many people who are so angry at the world because they think they "know" what is best- and I wonder how much love and joy that produces in the long run?

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