I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Are your kids psychic?

Have you ever seen your child talking to the wall?  Do you make excuses for their behavior by telling people it must be their "imaginary friend"?  Chances are, you have a highly intuitive child- and you are definitely not alone.
Recently, I was introduced to a man after one of my one-woman-show's at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, and he and his three children hung around to chat with me afterwards.  He's a trader- and he'd gotten my book from a friend who suggested he read it because of his kids.  You see, his three kids all see and/or talk to dead people.

So how's that working for ya, Mr. Trader?!

"It was a little tough to wrap my head around at first," he admitted.  "But the whole topic is a little more accepted now."

If you've ever seen that show  "Psychic Kids- Children of the Paranormal," on Biography, you'd see what I mean.  These kids are healing people and talking to the dead like it's no big deal.  I've had countless parent's pull me aside to tell me their "dirty little secrets" about their kids gifts, and wondering if I have any advice or resources.  

"I get dead people showing up all day and all night trying to talk to me," one girl said to me.  "They don't understand that I need to sleep."

"You should talk to Therese Rowley," I told her.  

Therese as been seeing spirits since she was 6, and now she's penning a book called "From Paranormal to Pretty Normal: An Owner's Manual for Your Intuitive Gifts."  I met her several years ago when I was still working at WBBM-TV.  A good friend suggested that I see her to help with my grief of losing my Dad to brain cancer.

"What is she a therapist?"  I asked.

"Not exactly," my friend tried to explain.  "She's a C.E.O. consultant, but she happens to see spirits, and she reads your energy, and tells you about your past lives."

This was a combo platter that I had to see for myself.

When I made my appointment with Therese, I didn't give my last name because I didn't want her to google me- (But I googled the shit out of her!)  She has her PhD- she got her Master's from Kellogg at Northwestern, and she taught a business class at University of Chicago Graham School.  This was hardly "woo-woo" stuff.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with her gifts, and wound up interviewing her for my book.  She made it very clear that she does not want to be on "speed dial" with dead people like medium James Van Praagh, but she's okay with telling you how you can deal with those ghosts that go bump in the night.59th Annual DGA Awards - Arrivals

So how did Therese help that girl who was being visited at all hours?

"You can tell spirits to come back at a more convenient time," Therese explained.  "I said that she should tell the spirits, 'okay- you can come to me each Tuesday at 6pm- and that's it.  I do have a life, but I'm happy to dedicate a specific window to talking to you.'  We can put up boundaries, and these spirits will listen, if we just lay down some ground rules."

Who knew?!

The other night, I heard my three year old talking in his room after I'd put him to sleep.  I went in to see what was going on, and he was talking to the ceiling.

"Who are you talking to honey?"  I asked.

"The guy," he said, pointing up.

"What guy?"  I asked, seeing nothing.

"Right there, momma," he said with a laugh.

The next day, my son and I were playing in the basement and he stopped in front of a picture of my Dad and my husband from our wedding day and pointed.

"There's the guy!" he said, pointing to my Dad.

"The guy who was in your room?"  I asked.

"Yeah," he said.  

"That's your grandpa," I said.  "Is Grandpa talking to you at night?"  I asked.

"Yeah," he said.  "He brought me a fire truck."

Even DEAD grandparents can shower their grandchildren with presents?  That's a nice perk.

So if you too have a kid chatting at the walls, or laughing at the air, just open your mind to the possibility it might be something wonderful.  And send me your stories, so we can blog about it...  

And if you think this is all nuts and that you have all the answers, I'd like to point out a couple things that were thought to be "facts", (that is before we got educated):

1. Nuclear bomb dropping was a spectator sport in Las Vegas in the 50's.
2. We smoked on airplanes because the government said it was okay.

I'm just trying to stay spiritual... dammit!  



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joey said:


I'm not sure if you know how to use the term 'fact'.

2. We smoked on airplanes because the government said it was okay.

This is true, so it's a fact. Because smoking on planes was found to be harmful and costly and is now illegal on passenger flights in the United States, it does not make "We smoked on airplanes because the government said it was okay" an untruth. A simple test you can use is to just look at the statement and ask yourself if it's true or false. If you still aren't sure, you could ask that three year old you reference earlier in the story for help. Most people should have no problem understanding it by that age.


Jen Weigel said:


Hey Joey-

FACT- you need a hug.... or a stiff drink... a simple test you can use to see if you need either of these is if you find yourself insulting people who write a BLOG because you have too much spare time.


joey said:


That really didn't address what I told you at all, but I won't disagree. You can get in the queue if you're offering me a hug. At any rate, you're welcome.

Jen Weigel said:


You are right Joey- the untruth is that smoking on planes was thought to be okay- NOT that we smoked on planes... so thank you for pointing that out.

Hugs are on me... so I'll get in the queue

joey said:


Thanks! You can never have too many hugs.

aotf33 said:

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I'm 33 years old and I was one of these children. My mother said that I would babble away (intently) while facing a blank wall in my walker. That I would converse in my bed while appearing to hold someone's hand. That I would frequently come up to her crying asking if someone was okay (that lived in another state) only to have her call and discover that something was wrong. I think children are more susceptible to these scenarios because when we're younger we don't think that there is anything wrong with it until an adult tells us that there is something wrong it or someone looks at you funny. I had a preacher say once that people that say that they see ghosts are crazy however, this same preacher would preach belief in the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy SPIRIT. I'm older now and I don't experience much of this now; but I don't know if it is because I have lost the ability or because as an adult I have some sort of block up because I know others frown on this type of behavior. All I do know is that there are times when I KNOW that I have seen something from the corner of my eye that's not there when I turn around or that some people or places give me a bizarre, STRONG feeling that I can't explain - sometimes positive, sometimes negative. It's a scientific fact that modern man only uses 10% of his God-given brain power to date. Sometimes I wonder how much or what types of abilities that other additional 90% would provide if we really tried to use it.

aotf33 said:

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One additional thing - I wasn't rare among my many young relatives and still am not.

Tony Longshoes said:


I think most kids have this ability when they're young, my kids pointed and spoke to nothing I could see. When and why do you think they lose it? Jen if you're passing out hugs let me know where the line is:)

Jen Weigel said:


Hey Tony-
I totally believe this- we lose it because we grow up and get cynical, and there isn't a community that thinks this is main stream enough to embrace it- so our minds forget and let us forget to "fit in.." very sad I feel.

And yes- hugs will be available at Blogapalooza Sept. 24th- I'll be at Basai Thai on the 6th floor from 5-7pm- so come and get your hugs...

GlenEllyn said:

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My father passed away in 2003. He was a BF Goodrich tire executive for 43 years. The morning of his funeral as I helped my three year old son get dressed, he said out of no where, "I smell rubber burning..." I asked him if he even knew what burning rubber smelled like at age three and he admitted no, but he was sure that was what he could smell. I could smell absolutely nothing and certainly not the strong odor of burning rubber. I felt this was possibly a little communication my father was sending on through him.

SylphSociety said:

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I'm so glad that people encouraging psychic kids to develop their skills! I'm 38 years old and shut down my intuitive gifts for most of my life. Once I accepted who I am, it was like coming home to a happy place!

Now I specialize in telepathic communication with autistic people and am writing a children's fantasy novel an autistic boy as the main character. My hope is that, through my words and actions, people will understand that autistics are clearly connected with Spirit and think and feel just like the rest of us.

These children - autistics, psychics, all of the "special ones" - are here to teach us. Are we ready to learn?

Therese said:

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Thank you for developing and using your talents and skills to support children I call "differently ordered", not "disordered". We need every child's presence, voice, and gifts. And we need leadership like yours and theirs for the future!

Many of the millions of kids who are prescribed psychotropic drugs for their "disorders" are being misdiagnosed. The behaviors and symptoms related to intuitive and/or spiritual giftedness are often the same as those labelled "ADD", "ADHD" or even "Autistic Spectrum."

That is why I do the work I do. In addition to Intuitive Readings and Healing, talking with the dead to help bring more life to the living, and helping parents understand their children's giftedness, very soon we will establish an Institute for Intuitive Intelligence in Chicago. This Institute will advance research, education and values-driven application of intuitive giftedness.

A major focus of the Institute is to provide a safe space for tweens, teens, and young adults to develop their intuitive gifts and connect them with leadership opportunities. As Jen would say, "Stay tuned!"

Jen Weigel said:


Thanks for your comment! This is very exciting news!! If you contacted Therese Rowley from the post- she would tell you that she is helping kids who are labeled as "gifted" or "autistic" to embrace their gifts and know they are not alone. Also- it's important for the PARENTS to see that this is not a bad thing, or a curse... Kids can thrive with a little support..

RegularGuy said:

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My kids are NOT psychic. If they were, they'd know when their checking accounts are overdrawn. Instead, it's always a HUGE surprise to both of them.

jase said:

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One of my kids had two classes of imaginary friends: those she made up and who would come and go at her will, and those who she did not make up and who would come and go of their own will. She was able to distinguish between these groups from a very young age. She quickly learned that others did not see any of her friends, and that many adults flatly refused to believe in the second group. She became very selective about who she'd talk to about the spirits who were visiting her in order to avoid being mocked.

Interestingly, one day we played a guessing game (think 20 questions) and she was perfect. Like she was reading my mind. Then she asked if it was cheating if her spirits were helping her. That blew me away...

Sweepea said:

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Leave a comment...

Sweepea said:

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I stumbled on this site and am bookmarking it..I'm interested (and have experience myself as a child) w/ this stuff but have a deep aversion to new age pap and this is rather refreshing.

My 21 month old (speaks words, not sentences yet..) one day woke up and was yelling 'BABY~ BABY! excitedly to the empty space next to his crib. Pointing and very excited. My husband was confused but I felt a bit of excitement myself - we just had a miscarriage
months before and it was tough. We had been trying for a sibling and this was my first hope that maybe he was 'seeing' a baby (or the spirit of his future sibling). This continued here and there for a day or so. Never happened before and never since. 3 weeks later I confirmed my pregnancy at the doctor's office. 6 weeks into my pregnancy (not yet showing) my 21 month old started patting my belly and saying 'baby' and laying his head on it and hugging it. He still demands to see 'baby' and visits with him and somehow knew I was pregnant. Mind you, we know no pregnant women, I have never even pointed one out on tv, not in person, it's never been explained to him. So, for what that's worth. I pass this along to women who have suffered miscarriages.

Also of note: to women/men who have kids with these gifts- they can be fostered but they can just as easily be squashed by ignoring it or denying anything is going on. My decision is to listen above all else, then gently reassure that it's ok and he'll always be safe and has control over what visits (as stated above). I think these sensitive souls choose the parents who will best help them along their spiritual path, learn their lessons and that is rather an honor don't you think? They choose you b/c they know you'll listen and encourage. That's something to consider:)

Goddamn this was long... Sorry!

Kathy92107 said:

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I came across this while researching autistic children w/psychic abilities. My friend is primary caregiver to her autistic grandson. I guess he's "high end", extremely intelligent, but w/communication difficulties that became apparent when he was 2 years old. He's 4 now.

He talks to his grandfather every day, her ex-husband who died a couple years ago. The boy's name is "Robert" after the grandfather he never met (physically, that is). When he was 2, he decided he wanted to be "Bob", without knowing it was short for Robert & her ex's nickname. The other day, he tells her he's going to talk to "Bob" & goes into the living room where Bob's ashes are (he doesn't know this). When she asked where he was going, he says "this is a private talk."

He's developed a God connection, but has never been to church or schooled in religion, other than a religious tv show he watches. He likes to pray for others. He talks to my friend about his own death & that scares her. He says "Don't be afraid. I'll always be in your heart. This is an unusual perception to a 4-year old who has never experienced such loss. He told his brother he had a girlfriend, but she died "a long time ago," an era in time he mentions frequently.

At 3y.o., he had a psychic experience. His aunt (my friend's daughter) had a "situation" that resulted in involuntary admission in a psychiatric hospital. At that precise time, he woke from his nap crying, & repeating "Auntie, home, Auntie, home."

My friend shares (80%) caregiving with his bipolar mother (20%), who lives closeby with his older brother who has anger issues. It's a chaotic, unstructured environment, where he learns his brother's bad behavior. He doesn't interact with kids his age, he's had no schooling, but a "teacher" for special needs kids came 2X a week for awhile. My friend's health is not good, so he doesn't get the same level of educational interaction as a child in a traditional household setting. Despite his developmental disability & lack of schooling, his comprehension & conceptual abilities are remarkable. It's like he has independently developed an information process that encompasses spiritual & emotional awareness, as well as understanding concepts unusual to his environment. His verbal skills may be deficient, but there's a lot of silent conversation going on. He's truly amazing.

The autistic population growth (10X in 10 years)is a mystery, covering a wide range of individual abilities that our education system is unprepared to provide for. The medical science community needs to prioritize their research, taking a positive approach that accentuates capabilities, rather than disabilities.

It appears the unconscious brain for most is a functional brain for autistic people. In doing this research for my friend, it's no coincidence that I found similar stories of communicating with the dead, clairvoyance & unfounded spirituality. These are rare "gifts", instincts of children to cope with their differences, an untapped & undeveloped resource of unknown potential. For all we know, this may be the beginning of a transformation of the human brain & the autistic brain may represent the majority in 500 years.

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