I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Need parking karma? Start by being spiritual, dammit!

I was reading Theresa Carter's blog The Local Tourist this morning about where people should park in Chicago.  I recently shared some of my own experiences about this very topic in my blog last week.  While it's great to know where all the parking garages are, I feel you can take advantage of the many street spaces available.  You just have to know how to order them.

Mooners were few and far between during the 30th annual mooning of the trains, as the police presence was heightened significantly from last year
I live in Evanston- and have to come downtown at least three times a week.  I started "thanking the Universe in advance" for parking spaces after reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.  He says if you act as if you already have something, the Universe will deliver.  You actually prevent yourself from manifesting by saying you WANT and NEED things.  The Universe will just deliver what you're asking for; more WANT and more NEED.  

So seven years after I started my parking space experiment, I am still going strong.  No matter how crowded the location; a game at Wrigley, a concert at Metro, I find parking.  It's become this sort of strange party trick with my friends...."get Jen in the car, that way we're guaranteed a space!"

But while I might be spiritual, dammit- I'm still human.

Last week I was heading downtown to meet a friend at Webster Wine Bar in Lincoln Park.  I did my typical ordering of my parking space before leaving the house, and headed to the city.

As I approached my destination, I saw a space not quite a half block from the wine bar, but it was on the opposite side of the street.  I signaled to turn into a driveway so I could flip around, and a woman dipped right into my spot.  I was livid!

I ordered that ahead of time, you BITCH!

I drove up next to her so I could not just give her the evil eye, but also a "single finger salute".  I looked over, and as I honked my horn and raised my right hand, middle finger extended, I see the cutest little toddler in the back seat.  This girl was about three years old, and her eyes were bulged out of her head staring at my obscene gesture.  

Nice one Jen!  I am SO spiritual!

Horrified, I took my finger away and drove off.

Now I'll NEVER get a parking space.

I turned the corner and tried to shake it off.  The vision of that sweet little girl and her bouncing pig tales was hard to get out of my head.  I have a son that age.  How would I feel if some lady flipped me off over a parking space in front of my kid?  Pretty pissed off!  So I tried to do some "woo-woo" damage control.

Thank you in advance Universe for that little girl and that woman having a nice night.  Thank you in advance for the girl not being scarred for life by my behavior.  Thank you for the lesson that I learned from all of this.....  

Oh- and thank you for that parking space in front of Webster Wine Bar...

I turned the corner, and a man was walking towards his car, keys in hand.  He was leaving his parking space, and it was RIGHT IN FRONT of The Webster Wine Bar.  Steps from the front door, which was an even better location than the other space.

So you see- you can be human and flip off a toddler, and the Universe will STILL deliver you a parking space.  You just have to ask for it in advance, dammit!



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Alicia Eler said:


I've got to start thanking the universe more. This stuff totally works! Thanks for the inspiration, Jen.

Greg Morelli said:


Thank you in advance, Universe, for delivering the people of Chicago from the parking meter slavery they have been sold into by King Daley.

Thank you in advance, Universe, for ending the recession on Wednesday of this week and ending Prop 8 (Prop Hate) on Thursday of this week and ending our bizarre obsession with Michael Jackson on Friday of this week.

Thank you in advance, Universe, for turning all the drunken douche bag frat boys on Clark Street into compassionate, open-minded young men who respect women and stop pissing in doorways.

More than anything else, Universe, make the last one happen before the next Cubs game, and I'm a believer, dammit!

Jen Weigel said:


Greg- I totally hear you. I had a hard time believing this theory could work on a large scale, so I started small- with one thing....that's about me- because we can't control the free will of idiots in the masses.. that's all up to them. So thank the universe in advance for something for you- that you would like to see happen today-

"Thank you in advance for my finances being in order today. Thank you in advance for not letting me run into any drunken douche bag frat boys on Clark Street."

We can't eliminate the douche bags with our thanking of the universe, but we can decide how we REACT to the douche bags- and it's a lot easier if we don't have to deal with them in the first place, right?

Peace... and keep me posted

Theresa Carter said:


I love it! I've actually found that my parking karma has been exceptional lately. I haven't officially thanked the universe, but I just believe I'll be able to find a good spot and wha-lah! there one is. Now, if only I could get that to work on my bank account...

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