SoxNet is new to the ChicagoNow network but an age old tradition to White Sox fans and great friends Mario Scalise and Jason Gage and that is why on Thursday, July 23, 2009, it was with great excitement that the duo re-launched SoxNet. 


The date turned into a meaningful day for all Sox fans as the launch ultimately coincided with Mark Buehrle's perfect game.  We should point out that there is no truth to the rumors that we bribed the Tampa Bay Rays to make 27 consecutive outs in order for us to have the most marketable launch in SoxNet history.   


The duo originally launched SoxNet ( shortly after the Sox successful 2000 campaign and successfully operated the site for three seasons.  Eventually school and other aspirations got in the way and prevented the duo, turned trio, into continuing the site's run. 


SoxNet added one other key member to the staff during it's initial three year run, Mark J. Jacobsen.  Mark brought the same enthusiasm and energy that had fueled Mario and Jason to launch the site and helped SoxNet continue to grow and ultimately develop into a site which launched two successful Sox related "spin-offs", and, which have continued to excel since their respective launches in 2001/2002. - Official Message Board of SoxNet

Originally launched in late 2001, has grown to be one of the largest independent fan sites on the web.  With over 4000 users, 2 million posts, and infinite amounts of knowledge, all it takes a quick scan of Soxtalk to get a pulse on what is going on in the world of White Sox and much more. The site has also received mentions in CNN/SI, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Radio 1000, The Score760, FoxSports, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and Sox telecasts. - Minor League Coverage

Originally launched in 2002, was established to take a look at the "stars of tomorrow".  A few years have passed since the opening and FutureSox is widely considered the premiere place on the web for information on White Sox minor leaguers.  In fact, numerous members of the organization (players and family members) utilize FutureSox vast resources to help keep up with what is being said about the organization and players within the organization. The site features tons of unique content including Top Prospect Lists, Scouting Reports, Player Interviews and much much more. 


Coming Soon: Staff Bio's

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