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Sox Get Peavy for Richard, Poreda, Russell and Carter

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Sox fan, first and foremost.

No joke. Jon Heyman reports the Sox get Peavy. Sounds like for Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, Dexter Carter and Adam Russell.

Interesting deal, as Peavy could be out til nearly September, but a 2010 rotation of Mark Buehrle, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd and John Danks is straight up nasty.

Peavy is currently on the disabled list, and will remain on the White Sox disabled list. It's unclear if he'll pitch again this year, but he could be back as early as late August. DJ Carrasco will spot start tonight.



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webegeek said:

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so, when can we start giving General Managers drug tests? We just traded for a pitcher that might not pitch until next season and gave up a starter that pitched two consecutive 8 inning gems? How strong are those drinks at KW's new restaurant?

rapt00r said:

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I'm happy with the deal. I think he'll come back sometime this year. The Padres weren't going anywhere; they had no need to rush him. The White Sox are in a division race, plus he was cleared for rehab by his doctor. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the south side.

Jason Gage said:


Phenomenal deal. I hate losing Richard and I hate losing Carter but Jake Peavy is Jake Peavy.

JimH. said:

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There you go. This is vintage KW. And this deal is as much for next year as it is this year.

Dan Santaromita said:


I was already excited for 2010, but the 1-4 the Sox now have will be tough to top assuming Peavy comes back to what he was. Heck, he doesn't even need to be as good as he's been for this to make some sense.

Heads22 said:

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Looks like a good deal for both sides.

Jason Gage said:


The deal makes sense for the Padres and the Sox. Sox have tons of payroll off the books and have what looks to be a great rotation for the next couple years.

Most importantly they still have 5 pretty darn good prospects in the system (Hudson, Danks, Flowers, Vicideo, Mitchell).

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