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Rumor: Fields for Pie

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

Bruce Levine is reporting that Ken Williams is seeking a top-flight defensive outfielder for the pennant race and that one of those options is former Cubs phenom Felix Pie. Evidently the Sox have been scouting Pie for over six weeks and the Tribune's Mark Gonzalez is further substantiating the rumor, indicating on Wednesday, that the White Sox, will try to trade recently demoted infielder Josh Fields for Pie.

By the Numbers:

Felix Pie, 24, is batting .233 with a .652 OPS in 58 games with the Oriole's this season. The numbers trend ever closely to his career .226 avg and .627 OPS which he has put up during three partial seasons in the majors (188 games). So you might ask why? Well, we know all about Pie's tools (Wiry Power, Quick Hands, Speed, and Arm), but Pie also posted a .299 avg and .825 OPS over the course of 7 minor league seasons despite consistently being one of the youngest players at each level.

SN Take:

While Sox fans probably the shudder the thought of this move, but Pie does make a lot of sense. Ozzie has continued to state how he would like to add speed to his team and Pie is a guy that has the upside of an everyday centerfielder who can play above average defensive and the downside of a versatile bench player that with the proper coaching can be used in multiple ways off the bench (Defensive Replacement, Pinch-Runner, Pinch-Bunter, etc). That down-side (ie, versatile bench-player) would be an immediate asset to the major league team and help the Sox down the stretch. Add in the fact that Pie might replace perfect game hero Dwyane Wise on the roster and you have every reason to get on board the Felix Pie band-wagon.



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Mario Scalise said:


I'd make that deal. Fields has no future with the Sox and Pie gives the Sox another CF option. Chances are Pie won't amount to much, but as you said, he's always been one of the younger guys and is still just 24.

Chicago Expatriate said:

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This White Sox fan shudders at the thought of trading Fields for Pie. What is the big difference between Pie and Brian Anderson I would like to know, and just for the record I'm not a particularly a big fan of BA. At best this is one failed prospect for another. It's not going to propel the White Sox deep into the playoffs.

Jason Gage said:


There isn't a major difference, but BA wanted a chance elsewhere and the Sox gave him that chance. Pie has fit in well in Baltimore and they like him but they have a guy named Adam Jones in CF and Pie doesn't hit enough to play any of the corner spots.

I talk more about the difference a couple posts down and it is almost more of a semantic difference in the sense that Brian really did want out and you can't have a guy on your roster that doesn't want to be here.

Jason Gage said:


Plus, really his down-side is a good defensive outfielder who can bunt, run and play D off the bench. Basically he's a faster version of Brian Anderson except he'll likely be more willing to grow and bust his full behind as it will be his last chance (much like BA will probably do the same in Boston, er Pawtucket, where he tries to make a new name for himself).

Heads22 said:

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Yeah, this potential deal makes sense.

JimH. said:

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I would be surprised if this didn't happen. The Oriols manager likes Pie a lot but they just can't get him enough at bats. The bigger question is what do the Orioles think of Fields. Pie is already out of options and I believe the White Sox just used Fields' last one. On the surface it makes sense for both sides. The potential fly in the ointment is if Baltimore thinks they can get somebody better than Fields for Pie. But again, I would be surprised if this didn't happen in the next 24 hours.

Jason Gage said:


Melvin Mora isn't getting any younger in Baltimore and the Orioles have long scouted Josh Fields. At one time wasn't Fields going to be one of the key pieces of at least one of the "rumored" Brian Roberts trades?

I'd say from Fields perspective this would be a tremendous opportunity for him and since I think Josh is a good guy that works hard I'll be definitely cheering for him to excel in Bmore. That short porch in left should really help him at Camden too.

Jason Gage said:


I just don't see how the Orioles can get Pie at-bats. His upside is his ability to play center and potentially hit like an average offensive Cf'er. He doesn't have the ability to be a corner outfielder and with Adam Jones manning CF for the next 10 years in Bmore (Markakis in one of the corners), there is just no way Pie will get anything but sporadic use.

Jason Gage said:


Well you can cross Sherrill off the board, Dodgers acquired him for Bell and another prospect.

The trade might impact the Sox chances of moving Fields to the Orioles too, since Bell is a corner infielder as well.

Dan Santaromita said:


It would be a nice deal. For as much as I bashed Pie for being an overrated prospect when he was with the Cubs, he still has marginal value at a position the Sox don't have very much at. It's a positional trade if it happens. Both Fields and Pie would have more playing time with their new teams.

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