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Mark Buehrle Throws 18th Perfect Game

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

Chicago White Sox starter Mark Buehrle threw the 18th perfect game in MLB history on Thursday.  The perfect game was part of a 5-0 victory against the Tampa Bay Rays which gave the Sox a share of the division league with the Detroit Tigers.  The perfect game was the 2nd in White Sox history.  Mark Buehrle has now started and closed a world series game, thrown a perfect game, and a no-hitter.  We are researching but we believe he might be the first player in MLB history to accomplish all of those tasks and he is the 6th player in MLB history to throw both a no-hitter and a perfect game.

Video Clips/Images:

The Catch - Starring Dwayne Wise

Final Out - Starring Mark Buehrle, Alexei Ramirez, and Josh Fields

Post Game Video - Chicago Tribune

28 Seconds with Buehrle and Obama - InsideTheSox - Scott Reifert's Twitter

Video Buehrle and Obama - InsideTheSox - Scott Reifert's Twitter

Photo Gallery -

Special Day for One Scout -

What others are saying:

Chicago White Sox - Official Statement - White Sox left-hander Mark Buerhle threw the second perfect game in club history on Thursday, blanking the Tampa Bay Rays, 5-0, at U.S. Cellular Field. It was the second no-hitter of Buehrle's career - he also threw one at home on April 18, 2007, vs. the Rangers. The only other perfect game in White Sox history was Charlie Robertson's perfect 2-0 victory over the Tigers on April 30, 1922

Mark Buehrle - Press Conference - AJ told me (yesterday) to throw a perfect game. Buehrle's press conference was than interrupted by a phone call from President Obama. 

Mark Buehrle - Post Game Interview - "I bought everyone watches after the last one. That was an expensive no-hitter,". "This one will probably be more expensive."

President Obama - Via CNN, Through Press Secratary - "As a fan, it's extraordinary," Obama told Gibbs before Air Force One took off from Chicago, according to the press secretary. "When you're a White Sox fan -- and I know the guy -- it makes it even more fun."

Buster Olney, Via ESPN Telecast - This isn't the same perfect game as David Wells throwing against the last place Twins, or David Cone throwing with the worst offense when he did it, Mark did it against one of the better offenses in the game. That's what makes it more amazing.

Steve Stone, Via Sox Telecast - I have never in my life personally seen a no-hitter

Kalapse, - This is the kind of thing that sways writers into voting yes when you show up on their hall of fame ballot. 6th pitcher in big league history to throw both a no-hitter and a perfect game.

AJ Pierzynski, Via CSN Chicago - Well this worked out great for me, I got to watch!!

VoodooChile, WhiteSoxInteractive - I've never even watched a no-hitter before. That was amazing. I'm still freaking sniffling as I type this. What a moment in Sox history.

CanofCorn, - Couple other interesting things about this game: usually in no-hitters and perfect games you have a few fantastic plays...whether it be throws from the knees or diving catches or whatever. This, except for Dweezy's catch, had to be one of the easiest perfect games ever. Also, usually, there are lots of strikeouts...only 6 in this one.

Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune - In this business, we're not supposed to root. Not for players or teams, anyway. We're supposed to root for stories. Sorry, but on Thursday, I was rooting for Buehrle. Truth is, I always do. He's one of the best people in a game that too often forces too much talk about bad stuff. Thursday, however, was all good. A class act delivered magical performance.

MurcieOne, - What you have to love about Mark is that 15 years from now he will sit and watch this game with his kids and he will be exactly the same guy. He's an awesome man's man.

Joe Cowley, Chicago SunTimes (Via Twitter) - That's why D. Wise is on the team. The BA lovers can now shutup

Interesting Facts:

- Eric Cooper was the home plate umpire for Buehrle's no hitter and perfect game

- The game time of Buehrle's no-hitter and perfect game were both 2 hours, 3 minutes.

- Buehrle was on the mount for ~32 minutes of the game

- Buehrle has faced the MLB minimum 3 different times in his career

- Two Pitchers on the Sox roster have been on the mound during a no-hitter, Mark Buehrle and Octavio Dotel (2003; Astros vs Yankes; Dotel was a member of the Astros)

- Only three teams have thrown multiple perfect games: Yankees (3; Don Larsen, David Wells, David Cone), White Sox (2; Charlie Robertson, Mark Buehrle), and Indians (2; Addie Joss, Len Barker)




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Jason Gage said:


Unbelievable. This is definitely the type of stuff that will help Buehrle in his Hall of Fame bid.

Dan Santaromita said:


Has anyone ever faced the minimum twice? No one has two perfect games and Buehrle now has a perfect game and his other no-hitter was against the minimum 27 batters.

Dan Santaromita said:


Koufax had a perfect game and faced the minimum in one of his no-hitters. Still an incredible feat obviously.

Jason Gage said:


He's the second. Sandy Koufax faced the minimum in one of his no-hitters.

Jason Gage said:


Dan, I think we typed that within seconds of each other. The crazy part is all of the oddities. Same ump and game time as his no-no, plus each of his no-no's were preserved by HR saving catches (by Dye in the no-no and Wise in the perfect game).


Jason Gage said:


We've got all kinds of good stuff up there now and keep checking back as more interesting tid-bits, quotes, and video/audio comes available!!!

Wendy C said:


Great job by Buehrle, and the eight guys behind him!

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