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Anderson Asks For Trade

Mario Scalise

According to Brian Anderson, days removed from his demotion to Triple-A Charlotte, is asking to be traded.



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Jason Gage said:


I get this. Anderson has played scarcely over a few seasons and feels he needs to play everyday. He's at least taking the right approach, going through the organization and asking out, but couldn't you wait until after the season comes to an end to tell the Sox this?

I realize you were just sent down for Wise, but the Sox are in a pennant race and I'm pretty sure if you produce down in AAA you'll be back up with a shot at being on the post-season roster.

Dan Santaromita said:


Anderson isn't in the position to ask for a trade, but why not I guess. He has minimal value, but I could see an NL team wanting him on their bench. He plays all 3 OF spots well, that's somewhat hard to come by.

Mario Scalise said:


Like Jason said though, the timing is odd. Why not just wait till the off-season? Maybe you find yourself on the playoff roster and make a name for yourself. No playoff team is going to want him, and I doubt a weaker team is going to give him the opportunity this season.

Jason Gage said:


It's trivial to say, but Buerhle doesn't throw his perfect game with BA in center. No knock on BA's defense (if he could hit, he'd win a gold glove in his career) but only a lefty would have even had a shot at making that catch.

Dpauley23 said:

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Not true at all since Wise plays a very shallow centerfield while Anderson would of been in better position to make the catch

Jason Gage said:


I can't agree with you. Everytime I look at that replay I have serious doubts that BA makes that catch. Anderson is clearly the better defender between the two but I think that is a play only a lefty can make.

By the way, welcome to the site and I am in complete agreement of what you say regarding the way Wise plays (he plays an incredibly shallow CF).

JimH. said:

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Brian is swinging for the fences in Charlotte, his typical all-or-nothing swing is in full force. He's striking out a bunch. He'll be back in September though, unless he's dealt by Friday (possible, not probable). Williams is stubborn, he will not just give BA away and I don't blame him.

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