Sex and the Windy City

So Long, Farewell


My dearest Sex and the Windy City readers, it is with much regret today that I tell you I am leaving you for another blog.  It's not you, it's me.

I have really loved writing Sex and the Windy City, I've learned more than I thought I would about sex, dating, and relationships. I've gotten to interact with some awesome readers and learn what it's like to be a serious blogger, now it's time to get my mind out of the gutter and into some headphones, as I move on to blog about one of my greatest loves: music.

I hope you'll come visit me at my new ChicagoNow blog, Via Chicago.   The new site is going to be all about indie rock in Chi-Town; there will be concert listings and reviews, album reviews, artist interviews, music news, and music history.  Think Baby-Makin' Song of the Week on steroids.  You should also keep following me on Twitter @Kiki25 for news on music, fashion, and some of the good ole dating/relationship stuff.

Thank you so much for reading SATWC!  Ciao my little sex-pot

The Single's Soiree was a Hit!


Well me and fellow bloggeress Jessica Downey of All the Single Ladies had our Single's Soiree at The Kerryman and it was a blast!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and played games and drank with us.  All in all I think the night was a success and hopefully a few people left with a date!

Gallery sneak peek (6 images):

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Baby-Makin' Song of the Week: My Moon My Man by Feist

My Moon My Man - Feist

If you know me, you know I love Feist. Her sultry vocals and the sense of whimsy in her songwriting is fits my aesthetic to a tee.  Playfully sexy, My Moon My Man has got the beat for baby-makin'.  The repetitive keys and rock out guitar riffs create a sense of urgency, like you've only got the 4 minutes the song lasts to make it happen.  It's the soundtrack to a quickie, if you actually had time to turn on music.
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Mixed Signals


So you've started seeing a guy/girl you really like. Maybe you have nailed it down into something more serious, maybe not; one day (s)he tells you (s)he really likes you, the next day (s)he's blowing you off for better plans with other friends.  Mixed signals are not-too-uncommon source of relationship anxiety.

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Frisky Friday Special Edition: The Final Count Down to Single's Soiree at The Kerryman

Getting Screwed-thumb-307x432-101076-thumb-217x305-101077-thumb-217x305-101078.jpg

That's right, the All the Single Ladies/Sex and the Windy City Single's Soiree is TOMORROW!!!

Head on over to the Kerryman between 8pm-10pm tomorrow night for an awesome drink special, door prizes, raffles, and a few fun games to help you break the ice. 411 below:

ChicagoNow's All the Single Ladies and Sex and the Windy City Present:
Single's Soiree at The Kerryman (661 N. Clark St.)
April 10th at 8pm

Sponsored By:
The Kerryman
Museum of Contemporary Art
Second City
The Blue Jeans Bar
Halo for Men
Massage Envy
City Scents

Yield: Prostitute Crossing


The Telegraph UK reported last Friday that this traffic sign outside of Treviso, Italy has been causing some confused motorists. Just to quote a few:

"I couldn't believe it - the woman has a mini-skirt and high heels on and very big breasts.

"I just couldn't work out what it was for?

"Does it mean I have to look out for prostitutes crossing or that they are available around here?"

Who can blame them, the sign is hilariously vague. What kind of hookers do they have in Treviso?

Baby-Makin' Song of the Week: Peaches and Cream by Beck

Peaches & Cream - Beck

Midnight Vultures is one of my favorite Beck albums, partly because it is so funky and partly because it is so sexy.  Peaches and Cream is fantastic for baby-makin' as drawing any sort of food-sex comparison is instantly a little kinky.

Beck's falsetto vocals suggesting
more than one sex act is beyond tantalizing.  Bon Appetite!
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Frisky Friday!


First Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art (220 E. Chicago Ave): This months theme is Spring Fling. Head to this happy hour from 6pm-10pm to enjoy live DJ, art, Wolfgang Puck appetizers, and the iMac Digital Dating Bar. Tickets are $16 at the door and $11 in advance.

Me and Jess Downey of All the Single Ladies on ChicagoNow Radio: If you can manage to roll out of bed to turn on the radio at 10am tomorrow, myself and Jess will be hitting the airwaves to plug our Singles' Soiree event next week at the Kerryman! Tune into WGN 720 AM or listen online here!

LBTQ Speed Dating at Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted): Get into the spring of things with speed dating at Center on Halsted.  Thursday, April 8th show up between 6:30-6:45 to get in on the bar and get ready for the first round beginning at 7.  Tickets are $12 at the door and $10 in advance.

Evolution and Why Macho Men are on their Way Out of Fashion

Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Shutter Island In Tokyo

The Wall Street Journal published an article last week entitled, "Why Women Don't Want Macho Men" that dives a bit deeper into the reasons why women are attracted to different types of men.

Referencing the study, Jena Pincott discusses how of 4,800 women from 30 different countries preferred either manlier or more feminine men based on the their World Health Organization mortality rate, life expectancy, and the prevalence of communicable diesease.

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Breaking Wednesgay News (Even Though It's Tuesday) Ricky Martin is Gay!

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage

That's right, he's gay! He's here, he's gay, get used to it.  Yesterday, Ricky Martin announced on his website that he is a "fortunate homosexual man."  The Puerto Rican singer is a former member of boy band Menudo who hit the big time my freshman year of high school with solo hit, "Livin' La Vida Loca."

Congrats Ricky! We all knew you would salsa your way out of the closet eventually and are glad you did. 

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Sass Factor: Mood Swing Lip Gloss Changes Color When You're Turned On

Too Faced's latest lip balm promises more than just high shine and moisture, it also promises emotionally activated color shifts. That's right, when you get excited, this lip balm, much like a mood ring morphs from it's original color to a shade of pink.

There's no faking your feelings with this gloss on, Too Faced's tips read:
Apply Mood Swing when you're feeling sassy, sexy or deliriously happy and witness your lip color blossom from clear to pale pink or fuchsia.
This is sort of hilarious, but also fun.  Put your man up to the challenge of turning your lips pink!

Get your own tube here.

Baby Makin' Song of the Week: Sexy Boy by Air

Sexy Boy - Air

Arguably one of Air's most played songs, Sexy Boy, has become a go-to for electro-pop sex appeal.  The song is taunting with it's coy, half English, half French vocals and psychedelic synth arrangements.  Intense for moments with it's repetitive, signature guitar riff then switching to lilting keys, the tune is a strip tease waiting to happen.
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Digital Love: The Online Dating Industry is Thwomping the Porn Industry

Gots to love the infographics...this is a good one about online dating.

Online Dating Statistics

Via: Online Schools

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Wednesgay Linkage!

Rear view of man wearing rainbow and star-spangled shorts, and large group of people close-up

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Digital Love: Fighting on Facebook

DIY Portraits

What's just as bad as your couple friends fighting in front of you in real life? Your couple friends fighting on Facebook

The New York Times published an article about young couples airing their dirty laundry on the FB. They claim that  doing so allows all of their friends to get both sides of the story and add their two cents if they so choose.

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What Are You Doing April 10th? Hanging Out With Me and Jessica Downey? Oh Okay, Cool!

Getting Screwed-thumb-307x432-101076-thumb-217x305-101077-thumb-217x305-101078.jpg

Calling all Chicago Singles!  ChicagoNow bloggers Erin K. (You know me!) and Jessica Downey of All the Single Ladies want to hook you up! We are dating, relationship and sex experts after all.

Join us for at The Kerryman on April 10th at 8pm for a singles mixer that will feature gettin- to-know-you games, cocktails, and a raffle with date-worthy prizes. With Jess and I as your hostesses, there is no doubt that fun will be had by all.

Obvi, sitting at home on your couch is not the most pro-active way to meet someone, so make the most of your Saturday night and start it out with us, who knows you could find a date to finish it with!

Here are the deets:

ChicagoNow's All the Single Ladies and Sex and the Windy City Present:
Single's Soiree at The Kerryman (661 N. Clark St.)
April 10th at 8pm

Sponsored By:
The Kerryman
Museum of Contemporary Art
Second City
The Blue Jeans Bar
Halo for Men
Massage Envy
City Scents

Baby-Makin' Song of the Week: Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus - Jane ...

I came upon French pop artist Serge Gainsbourg via his duet album, Bonnie and Clyde, recorded with bombshell Brigitte Bardot. Having always been a francophile, I ate up that album and went on the hunt for more.

A classic, and without a doubt sexy duet between real life lovers, British supermodel Jane Birkin and Gainsbourg is rife with undeniable bedroom appeal.  The lyrics, en Francais, speak of purely physical love making and feature Birkin whispering in breathy, orgasmic tones.

Let's face it, anything in French is going to be sexy and romantic and that includes baby-makin' music.

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Frisky Friday


Singles Mingle a Whole Foods on Halsted (3640 N. Halsted): Just like Smokey said, when it comes to love, "you better shop around!"  And where's a better place to do that than Whole Foods Market?  Come to our Singles Mingle, where we'll have food, fun, and drinks to break the ice - just bring yourself!  21+ only.  Registration for this FREE event is required, and may be completed by stopping by our Customer Service desk, or by calling us at 773-472-0400. From 7-8:30pm.

Risky Business at the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport): Paul Brickman's 1983 classic featuring Tom Cruise in his underwear and some Ray-bans as well as doin' it on a train with a hooker.  At 11:59pm, tickets are $9.25

Femmes Write Porn Presents-Body Heat (erotic spoken word, song, dance) at Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted): a national touring collective of Queer Femmes who perform erotic spoken word, dance, and song. Body Heat is a fierce, sassy, irreverent Femme artist collective setting performance art communities ablaze and smashing Femme stereotypes. They'll challenge your assumptions, entertain the hell out of you, and leave you panting and begging for more! March 21st from 3:30-6pm. Tickets are $12.


Why Buy the Cow When You Can Get the Milk for Free?


I was standing in line at the Jewel yesterday when the Red Eye's headline caught my eye, "No Sex in the City," heralded the front page.  Obvi I picked it up, curious about what this article could possibly be about. I found a page full of graphs and an article about adults in their mid to late 20's choosing to become "born again virgins."

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A St. Patrick's Day Sex Limerick


Though mid-March can be sort of yuck
The Irish, they're known for their luck
So they'll drink their green beer
Making vision less clear
Hopefully they're not too drunk to fuck.

A Whole New Meaning for "Put A Ring On It"


There is a new female condom out on the market that was approved by the FDA a year ago and Chicago is leading the pack in terms of promoting the new method for STD prevention and contraception.

The Chicago Female Condom Campaign is a combined effort of area AIDS and reproductive health groups to educate women about taking their sexual health into their own hands.  They are calling the campaign Put A Ring On It because the condom features two rings, one that anchors the condom inside the vagina and another that rests outside. See the training video below for more details on how it works.

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Baby-Makin' Song of the Week: Crystalised by The XX

Crystalised - The xx

If I could choose an entire album to make babies to, The XX's self-titled debut album would be it.   Not overly complicated, the subtlety that this band of British 19-year-olds are capable of is perfectly mysterious and totally sexy.

Almost whispered dialogue between the male and female vocalist communicates breathy longing, urging each other to go slow, The song is almost noir in nature, making it easy to imagine some clandestine love affair taking place in shadowy corners. 

This is a great song/album to set the mood for a sexy time.

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Frisky Friday!


Early Bird Night Club at Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted):
  Starting at 7pm join Center on Halsted for an evening of female focused entertainment included singer/songerwriters, drag kings, and more. Plus be home and in bed by 10!  Suggested $10 donation. Check with COH for more events celebrating Women's History Month!

Ken Fandell: Squares and Circles and Sex and Stardust at The Donald Young Gallery (224 S. Michigan Ave.)

A 14 minute video that uses a variety of images including salad, Rorschach tests, flames, and the Hadron Collider to explore the human mind's never ending quest for knowledge.  Today-April 2nd. The Gallery is open Tues-Friday from 9:30-5:30pm and Saturday from 11:30-5:30.

The Pretty Penny at Right Brain Project Rorschach (4001 N. Ravenswood): Chicago playwright Randall Colburn's premiere tells the story of a college aged girl working as a phone sex operator under the alias, Penny. Runs tonight and tomorrow at 8pm and Sunday at 7pm through March 20th. Tickets $15.

The Female Orgasm-Infographic Style

I served up the scoop on semen, infographic style and now, in my never ending web browsing, I got some facts on the lady parts as well.  Many thanks Koldcast.TV via the Sexademic.

Check it out after the jump...
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Last Minute Wednesgay

So I know that this post is coming at the last hour of Wednesgay, but better late than never right?

I found this cute video via Towleroad and had to share it, this kid is pretty cute:

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This is not what I meant...

When I posted Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" as the baby-makin' song of the week, suggesting a strip tease, this is not what I meant.

However, this is hilarious, he's got the first part right-just gotta work on makin' sure the underwear is clean.  Also, tighty-whities might not be your knickers of choice for such a venture.

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The Game


My younger sister came to visit over the weekend, and no doubt a number of shenanigans went down, including, but not limited to getting dressed up and going out on the town, lots of shopping, and an appearance at the House of Sushi and Noodle.

Upon retrieving her at O'Hare she quickly filled me in on the status of her "roster." That's right, the roster of men she's dating at present.  I am in awe of women like her.  She is a magnet- hot, fun, and very into sports.  Obvi why she's going out with enough guys to warrant a team list.

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Baby Makin' Song of the Week: You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

These days I'm in a classic mood. When Hot Chocolate's, "You Sexy Thing" came on my iPod during a run this week, I thought to myself, baby-maker!

A bit on the goofier side, this song always reminds me of stripping, which is why it's a perfect baby-makin' song of the week. Put this tune and do a little strip tease for your lover. It may wield a little giggle, but who doesn't like a little silly sex every now and again?
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Sex? There's an App for That.

Your iPhone can do many things, it can find you a restaurant, allows you to play a mean game of euchre, and now it can also help you get creative in the sack.

There are a wealth of sexy apps for the iPhone despite Apple's attempt to remove overtly sexual content. You can find apps for almost any kind of boobs or fetish, you can also turn your phone into a tool for love-making and online dating.  For instance 69 Lite, an app introduced earlier this year features, whadda ya know, 69 fully illustrated sex positions with detailed descriptions. The app allows you to mark your favorites, or randomly cycle through-with shake support.

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Wednesgay: A Love Story


Crate and Barrel and Daily Candy have joined together to hold the Ultimate Wedding Contest. The contest asks couples to submit their love story in 100 words or less. Visitors to the site are asked to vote for their favorite pair of to-be weds. The prize is $100,000 towards the winning couple's dream wedding and the services of celebrity wedding planner, Jo Gartin.

Chicago native Gregory J. and his partner Jonathan are currently the 2nd runners up.  The story of these two was brought to my attention by a mutual friend of Gregory and mine who told me that they were a couple, not only deeply in love, but also deeply committed to speaking out for marriage equality and LGBT rights.  Today, in Washington D.C. they will be going to the courthouse to register for their marriage license.

Gregory and Jonathan's path has not been an easy one. In August of 2008 Jonathan was the victim of a violent hate crime in which he was beaten to the point of unconsciousness and suffered both mental and physical trauma.  Throughout his recovery, Gregory stood by his side, encouraging him to heal by speaking out about his experience.  Both have become activists for civil rights and the LGBT community.  Jonathan contributed to a speech read at a protest in Boston and will speak at a LGBT march in Maine, he also authors a blog called Stuff On My Mind.

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