Satire And The City


Editor in Chief Richard Snell has more than 40 years of professional journalism experience. He started off his illustrious career as the typesetter for the Pine Grove Gazette Times Press. Snell says of the experience, "I've never seen a town so small with so many fires." He then left the comfort of small town newspaper life and hit the Big Apple where he helped Andy Warhol launch Interview Magazine. After being "creeped out" by Roger Mapplethorpe, he returned to his newspaper roots. He has since covered five wars, two of which he is accused of starting, as well as a dozen elections, none of which he voted in. He sleeps in his office because he can't find his keys.

Oliver Quimby is our resident political pundit. You want an opinion? He's got one! You want two opinions? Give him a sec. Opinions don't grow on trees. But if they did, Quimby would manage an orchard of them. An orchard of opinion trees. When it comes to the news, Quimby's an outsider, a maverick and a loosey goose. He knows a talking point when he sees one (granted he's wearing his glasses). And political narratives? He doesn't even know what that means. Also, if you think he's wrong...well, maybe you're right.

Zeeth Golopous covers Chicago's vibrant nightlife and art scenes. Also, he's not a goddamn hipster. So what if he likes drinking PBR? It's cheap! Alright! Get off his back, man. And if one more person points out his mustache, he's going to scream. I mean, come on, that was his idea first. He can't help that he's a trendsetter. Anyway, Golopous is a graduate of Columbia College. He received his degree in performance studies and feminist literature. He thinks girls kick ass, especially the ones with chest tats. "Chest tats rule."

If you're looking for a bargain, then talk to Janice Weiss. This Gold Coast gal knows where to find the best deals on everything from Jimmy Choos to ice sculptures. She's also got the inside scoop on high-end fashion. "If it ain't Burberry, I ain't buying." In addition, Weiss occasionally gives our readers tips on personal finance. "Marry rich and divorce young. That's something you won't hear from that Suze Orman whats-her-face."

Do you like sports? Brice O'Connell loves them too! Maybe you guys should grab a brew together (no homo), or maybe you should just read his columns. O'Connell is our resident Wrigleyville reporter. Whether it's going down at John Barleycorn's, Red Ivy, the Cubby Bear or John Barleycorn's, he's on it...granted he's not too hung over. Due to budget cuts, O'Connell also covers the Boystown beat. If it's dressed in drag or wrestling in a vat of lube, he's on that too. "I'm never going to hear the end of this." No you won't, O'Connell. No you won't.

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