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POLL: I Need A New Baseball Team To Root For....Choose My Team!

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

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The word change has been used almost ad nauseam in the past five years.  From political parties using the word as a basis of a campaign to self help books marketing the word as new beginnings.  Change is defined as to become altered, modified or different....and I feel I have come to an impasse where I believe change is not only necessary but needed.   
I need a new baseball team to root for.
Ok!  So it is not the most serious change in someone's life, but for me it is somewhat important since I have grown up following/supporting one baseball team my entire lifetime.  If you have been a frequent visitor to The Rock Report on (thank you first of all), you know that I have been critical of the Chicago White Sox organization over the past year and a half.  I do not support the direction of the organization and some people close to the organization feel I am a little too critical without knowing the whole story.
Whatever you may feel, this morning I had an epiphany.  After almost two years of bring frustrated with my baseball team, I have come to the decision that I will change my allegiances to another baseball team until the day where Guillen Inc. is no longer managing the White Sox clubhouse.  I do not feel I need to list the reasons why because for far too long the same issues have been present and are magnified even further with each passing baseball season.  
However I do have on problem.....
Which team should I choose?

This morning I posted this question on Twitter and of the many responses I received I have nailed down my top three teams.


#1 - The Milwaukee Brewers
- Close location (driving distance)
- Nice mix of old and new
- Miller Park is an awesome place to watch a ball game
- Good rivalry with Cubs
- New manager, solid General Manager, Awesome team broadcaster
- National League
- No starting pitching
- Dealing with people from Wisconsin


#2 - The New York Yankees
- Commitment to winning the World Series every year
- Not afraid to go after top name free agents every year
- Good mix of young and old
- Solid manager, and open checkbook policy is something all baseball fans are envious of
- Yankee Stadium too far to attend games
- Being labeled as a front runner fan
- Being a Yankee fan...that's negative in itself


#3 - The Minnesota Twins
- Direct rival with the White Sox
- Good manager, front office, ownership
- Brand new ballpark
- Not too far to go spent a weekend and attend games
- Increased payroll to compete with big market teams
- Weather issues with attending some games
- Little Big League Sucked
- Minnesota women < Chicago women

These are my top three suggestions, but I want to open the forum.  
Who do you believe I should switch my allegiances to until the Chicago White Sox decide to move on from the past.  
I appreciate your support.
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score
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patrick said:

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so this is just temporary until there is a new regime or will this be your new team? i think oney is ridiculous, i only follow him because he is an idiot and i like to laugh at idiots. i am still a fan of ozzie, but we need a new manager with new ideas.

Rock Mamola said:


It depends Patrick....

But at least for the upcoming 2011 season....I am not a White Sox fan.

After that.....White Sox nation will have to allow me back in.


Drewk35 said:

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Fairweather fan. Stick with your team even when things aren't the best. Go "adopt" the twins as your new team for the year. Sox nation won't want you back.

Rock Mamola said:


Sox Nation must ACCEPT me back if I want back in....


Rock Mamola said:


The keyword though is "IF"

-Thanks for voting!

Stylin19 said:


My vote is for the Texas Rangers, you wouldn't be choosing a front runner like the Yankees but you would be choosing a team that is new and upcoming with exciting players who play good hard fundamental baseball. They also have their strange Moose antlers tradition for a good play. They have great players like Josh Hamilton and while they may lose Cliff Lee this offseason they should still be a good team, and they are in the AL.
Con's, they are in Texas so you won't be seeing them a lot in person and you don't know how good they will be next year without a guy like Lee but they are a good offensive team (minus the world series).
If I had to choose from your list however my vote would go for the Twinkies. How can you not cheer for guys like Mauer and Morneau?

Rock Mamola said:


I appreciate your vote..


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