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Chicago White Sox Pass Up Future Star To Continue With Losing Past....

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

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Apparently saying goodbye is the hardest thing for the Chicago White Sox to do.  A great job of reporting today from Chris DeLuca and the Chicago Suntimes in this morning's edition breaking the story that the Chicago White Sox indeed were allowing other teams (in this instance the Florida Marlins) to talk to Ozzie Guillen about moving on from the south side to their destination.  According to DeLuca's major league sources, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was intent on making "The Blizzard Of Oz" his next manager where the talks between the two organizations involved a trade for the rights of Guillen for top prospect and right fielder Mike Stanton.
Of course we know now that the Chicago White Sox have made it official that Ozzie Guillen is indeed coming back in 2011 to manage the White Sox in his final year of an extension he signed in 2007.  At the time I did not like the move and even before the season began I stated that if Ozzie Guillen does not make the post season in 2010, that the White Sox need to move on from Guillen.  However if this story is indeed true that the White Sox are more interested in the services of a manager over a possible franchise player in Stanton, White Sox fans need to really look at their organization.
Who is really running this team and is the decision to keep Ozzie Guillen really the best move going forward?

Teams trading managers is nothing new in the sport of baseball.  For instance Rogers Hornsby was traded right after winning a World Championship in 1926 with the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Giants for Frank Frisch and pitcher Jimmy Ring.  To some it may seem a little odd that a team would trade a manager to another team for a player in the first place.  If what the Suntimes published today and is true that the White Sox could have acquired Baseball America's #3 top prospect (behind Jason Heyward/Stephen Strasburg) in 2010, then the White Sox made what could be a huge mistake.   
For those that do not know (and most baseball fans do not watch too much Florida Marlins baseball), Mike Stanton is a 20 year old outfielder drafted in the second round (76th overall) of the 2007 MLB Draft by the Florida Marlins.  He played three seasons in the single A and double A affiliates of the Florida Marlins before being called up on June 8th by the Marlins.  He hit .259 with 22 home runs and 59 RBI in only 100 games.  If you project that out to a full 162 game season, Stanton finishes with 36 home runs and 99 RBI which are larger numbers than what Alex Rios, Carlos Quentin and Juan Pierre finished with playing a full season on the south side this past year.  Stanton was second on the 2010 Marlins in home runs and only the third rookie in that team's history to hit 20+ home runs in their rookie season.  Stanton played in right field the entire time he was with the Marlins making four errors in 233 chances (.983 fielding %) and is the second youngest player in the league this past year only five months older than Cubs shortstop phenom Starlin Castro.   
In fact, here is what MLB.COM posted about Stanton as a prospect before the 2010 MLB campaign began:
""Scouting report: One of the top athletes in the Minors (he played three sports in high school), his calling card is clearly his plus, plus raw power. He has power to all fields. He's got good speed, though that hasn't translated to stolen bases. It has served him well defensively as he's shown good range in right field to go along with an excellent arm that fits well for that position.
Upside potential: A middle-of-the-order run producer and prototypical right fielder, the type you build an offense around. Comparisons to Dave Winfield may not be off base""
Read what you will into what MLB.COM said about Stanton going into the season and what he actually did with a Marlins franchise that is known for drafting and developing youth before letting them go to other clubs.  How can the White Sox say "no" to this proposed deal?
Ozzie Guillen will go down as one of the greatest managers (if not the greatest) in White Sox history because he was the manager that brought the south side its first World Series in 88 years.  His career .529 winning percentage (600-535) is second best in White Sox history for manager who last 6+ seasons on the south side (Al Lopez .564 1957-1969).  He has a World Series to his name and two playoff appearances in his seven years as manager (only one in the last five seasons).   
Do not get me wrong, I love Ozzie Guillen and his personality and style of managing is something that I truly believe the game lacks.  A charismatic character like Ozzie is only good in a sport like baseball that I believe needs someone like him.  Hence why he is doing FOX TV coverage during the World Series for a second straight postseason.  I'd rather see his team over him in October to be honest. 

The Chicago White Sox season of 2010 with its up's and down's had many elements that arose during it that one could have thought that the end was near for Ozzie anyway on the south side.  Between Twitter-gate involving his son Oney and a published report of a confrontation between himself and General Manager Kenny Williams almost coming to blows, you would think the relationship between Ozzie and the organization is waning.  Even though the parties involved have come out and said the relationship is fine and dandy, you know that the ties between the two are not the same as they were when Ozzie was hired in 2004.   
You have to wonder how valuable Jerry Reinsdorf's loyalty to Ozzie Guillen is when he could have traded the him for a possible franchise player in Stanton.  You have to think the Chicago White Sox truly believe that the value from Ozzie with one year left on his deal is so much more than a 20 year old possible future all star/power hitter.  You have to think.....wait....
If this rumored deal was a straight up deal for the two involved, the White Sox made a huge mistake by passing up on a player with the talent that Stanton posses.  Ozzie Guillen has done nothing since winning a World Series to make me trust the White Sox are headed in the right direction with #13 at the helm.  At some point the White Sox need to make it known that they care about the end result over breaking down the ride and spinning positivity over what fans have witnesses over the past five seasons.  The end result is that following a 2005 World Series victory, the White Sox have only returned to October baseball only once needing an extra game to do so in 2008.  The way to make the postseason in baseball is to not only be the best in your division but also beat your division as well.  Each of the last three seasons, the Chicago White Sox under Ozzie Guillen have gotten worse at doing so.
Chicago White Sox vs. the AL Central
2008 - (44-29)
2009 - (34-38)
2010 - (32-40)
Even if Ozzie Guillen has a winning record since 2005 (415-392  .514 winning %), he has never been a great second half manager.  A 171-192 second half record is nothing to celebrate.  When will the results matter to Jerry Reinsdorf and the Chicago White Sox??  Especially when you could have added one of the better prospects in MLB to your roster?  I agree that trading Ozzie Guillen for anyone is ridiculous, but when you have a player with the caliber of Mike Stanton available to you for a manager that ties have been shed with and is in a contract do you say "no" to that?
The easiest way to get better in Major League Baseball (outside of the way the Yankees do business) is to get younger.  With AJ Pierzynski, Paul Konerko, Bobby Jenks, Freddy Garcia all coming off the books, the White Sox will need to fill roster spots with youth to start anew and build for the future in 2011.  Mike Stanton would have been a great pickup for the Chicago White Sox because he fills two needs for the team.  The White Sox would finally have a bonafide outfielder in right field plus it would help the team by being able to move Carlos Quentin to a full time designated hitter role preventing him from a higher risk of injury. do the White Sox say "no" to this deal?
As a White Sox fan I continue to be disappointed in not only the decisions of this team, but the direction they are heading.  The biggest issue the White Sox have had since the 2005 season is holding on to that year for much longer than they should have.  Ozzie Guillen is just the latest example of how the White Sox loyalty to one man/one player/one year in the end will hold them back even further from the goal they once attained.
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score
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James Fegan said:


Here's a pretty good rundown of all the people who have said this rumor is complete and utter nonsense

PawsOut said:

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How come they didn't trade Ozzie for Jayson Heyward either? Oh, it's because the other team would never EVER make the trade. The White Sox have not traded Guillen for many, many young star players. This is not because they are committed to remembering 2005. Relax.

Rock Mamola said:



Keep in mind fellas, this post was posted before the reports of denial came out. This is simply my reaction to what DeLuca wrote.

Hence why I said "if"

Thanx for checking out the post though.


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