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10 Things You Should Expect To Hear From Chicago Bears Training Camp

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

As the Chicago Bears get set to ramp up another training camp in Bourbonnais, so many questions come to mind of what is to come of the 2010 Chicago Bears season.  Not only so the Bears have new coaches calling plays on the offense and defense but the roster is full of new faces in new places with most having little to no experience in the NFL.    
New faces including Mike Martz whose new offense should turn the "running off the bus" Bears offense into one of the most potent aerial attacks in the NFL.  Also Mike Tice was brought in to improve an offensive line who is both aging and inexperienced.  Rod Marinelli did such a wonderful job at coaching the defensive line last season that the franchise promoted him to defensive coordinator.   
Then add in the signing of DE Julius Peppers and the return of former Bear Chris Harris plus drafting Major Wright and Northwestern's own Corey Wootton.

With the expectations as high as ever in an extremely competitive NFC North, this could be the most interesting Chicago Bears season in recent memory.  To same every game (including preseason) will be examined with a microscope is simply an understatement.   
However every year Bear fans fall for what we (in the media) like to call "false hope." 

So, here are ten things you can expect to hear coming from Bears training camp.  Whether or not you believe in these examples of false hope is up to you!

1. "Tommie Harris Looks Healthy"
How many times have we heard this line?  It seems since a knee injury in the 2007 season, #91 has not been the same dominating presence on the Bears D line.  Recording only 7.5 sacks in the two seasons following the injury, there just has not been the same kind of intensity and drive showed from Harris.  I hope the addition of Julius Peppers ignites a fire Bear fans have not seen in Harris in over two seasons.  
2. "The Bears Wide Receivers Look Good In This New Offense"  
If the Bears WR do not look well in a Mike Martz offensive scheme, then it's really time to look back on the hire of Mike Martz.  Martz' history suggests that QB Jay Cutler could have a 4,000 yard season this season which means that the extremely inexperienced wide receiver core the Bears have could benefit.    
Jay Cutler Mag-thumb-500x600-15048.jpg
3. "Jay Cutler Should Have A Good Year In This New Offense"  
As excited about Cutler as Bears fans were about Cutler going into last season, they were just as nervous at the end of the campaign we he did drop back.  Only one more touchdown than his 26 interceptions last season, I am concerned with the seven step drop of Cutler.  Quarterbacks under Mike Martz' system have had immediate success (Kurt Warner, Jon Kitna, etc.), but Cutler and his receivers seemed not to connect all the time last season on play calls and routes.  What is to say that is going to change this year.  OH....btw Jay Cutler's postseason record is still 0-0.  
4. "Julius Peppers Will Make This Defense Better"
Understand this, the Bears went for broke this off season and got the big fish when historically they do not.  I believe that signing was more out of desperation than anything else because look what the Bears did in free agency after that day.  They signed a player at a position that was not their greatest need and all off season did not address their biggest need (the offensive line).  Plus, how much better did Julius Peppers make the Carolina Panthers defense?  Do you ever remember a time when you said "Look out for that Panthers' D?"    
5. "Jerry Angelo Did A Good Job This Off Season"  
I  cannot wait to hear this one.  Just looking at the roster breakdown:  
Added: Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Brandon Manumaleuna, Eddie Williams, Chris Harris, Brian Iwuh, Mike Teel  
Lost: Kevin Jones, Alex Brown, Adrian Peterson, Adawale Ogunleye, Jason McKie, Nathan Vasher, Brett Basanez  
Besides Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor, can you really say that Jerry Angelo broke the bank and brought in the best of the best?  Brandon Marshall traded for two second round draft picks.  Anquan Boldin traded to Baltimore for three draft picks.  Terrell Owens recently signing with the Bengals.  Yet Jerry Angelo insists that Devin Hester (who most experts believe is not a NFL wide receiver), and Earl Bennett with Devin Aromashodu at the #3 WR will do the job.  A combination of an age and inexperience haunt the Bears offensive line and was the safety position really addressed??    
6. "Matt Forte Is Our Starting Running Back"  No he is not!  When you bring in a talent like Chester Taylor and an offensive guru in Mike Martz, the Bears will not have a number one starting running back in this offense.  Historically Martz is a pass first coordinator and that benefits Taylor over Forte.  A much larger contract (4 yrs/12.5 million) signed by Taylor also weighs in the decision of whom gets more playing time.  Plus, how healthy will Matt Forte be after suffering from knee problems all last season?  
7. "Mark Anderson Will Fill The Void Of Alex Brown"
Remember that Mark Anderson has big shoes to fill.  Not only from a leadership role, but also numbers wise.  Alex Brown has averaged 5.9 sacks per season in the last five seasons, while Mark Anderson has 9.5 total in limited time (1 sack in 16 games played in 08-09) the last 3 seasons.  A healthy Tommie Harris (?) and a motivated Julius Peppers SHOULD help out Mark Anderson this season, but he needs to learn to run at the quarterback rather than run past the quarterback up field.  
8. "Greg Olson Is Due For A Big Year"  
I remember hearing this last season when his good buddy Jay Cutler came to town.  We all fell for it, and we all saw Olson fall down on plays where he had to block for his good ol buddy.  Simply put, Martz needed a blocking tight end and got one in Brandon Manumaleuna, but what about Olson?  If the Bears truly believe they can use Olson as a wide receiver or as a blocking tight end, it is going to be yet another disappointing season for the Bears first round pick in 2007.  
9. "Devin Hester Will Have A 1,000 Yard Season At WR"  
Could you name the last Chicago Bear to have a 1,000 yard season at wide receiver?  Try Marty Booker in 2002 when #86 finished with 1189 yards with Jim Miller and Chris Chandler chucking the pigskin all over the field.  Numerous NFL experts do not understand how Devin Hester is still a number one receiver on this football team and Mike Martz this off season was throwing out the name Az-Zahir Hakim when explaining how the Bears look to use Hester this season.  If that is the case, there is no way Hester is going to get the first 1,000 yard season by a WR since Booker, because Hakim averaged 399 yards receiving a season in his career.    

10. "The Bears Have A Good Shot At Making The Playoffs"
I will give you two names that easily prevent the Bears from making the postseason this year.    
#1 - Brett Favre  
#2 - Aaron Rodgers  
The only the Bears make the playoffs is if those names are replaced by.  
#1 - Tavaris Jackson  
#2 - Matt Flynn  
If the NFL has proven anything over the past decade, this is a league driven by quarterbacks.  The better the Quarterback, the better your team will be.  Look at some of the quarterbacks in last year's playoffs:  
Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers  
Simply put....Jay Cutler needs to put himself in that stratosphere with the names I just mentioned.  With a questionable offensive line, 26 interceptions last season and no true upgrade at the wide receiver position, this could be a longer year than last years 7-9 Bears season.  
False Hope??  You will not find it here on The Rock Report.  
Bears 8-8 in 2010-2011.  No bias, no bull....just the truth  
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score  
You can follow The Mully And Hanley Morning Show at  
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MarkPloch said:

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Rock Mamola said:


Please do.

Dubsdread18 said:


the o-line isn't 'questionable' it's unquestionably 1 of the worst in the league. why haven't the bears addressed this. cutler, forte, taylor are screwed. bears defense needs to score early and often.

Rock Mamola said:


Looking at the roster, the offense will need to score because of the weakness of the Bears secondary. Tillman isn't what he was and neither is Chris Harris. Can we trust Major Wright to right the ship? Simply put, teams will attack the deep middle of the field, and as good as Urlacher is in the cover 2....he's not the great he once was.


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