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Investors' mindset

Maureen Wilkey

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Just came across this article by Luca Ricciardiello on the steps women should take before investing in a property. I wrote a post a few months back on why women are more likely to invest in residential real estaet and I like Luca's insight into the topic because I don't have the investors' mindset.

Luca says to invest you need to have the unconscious desire to create wealth, and deep down inside, I just don't. If I could create that desire or if it occurred naturally, maybe the idea of buying or investing in a home would be easier.

Luca also warns against getting caught up in the "homey" aspects of buying real estate. I think a lot of women, myself included, are drawn into the idea of a dwelling being a home and not a piece of property. We do get the appeal of the plate of sandwiches and coffee at an open house. We buy into the staging that looks like the place we would want to live in.

She says 80 percent of investing is getting into the mindset to invest and only 20 percent is financials. Think about a piece of property as a vehicle for wealth and you can make it happen. If you are someone who is looking to invest, do your research and get the right people on board with you. Sounds like a solid idea to me.

I'd like to learn more about investing in out of town properties- to me, a second home would be a better investment than the one I'm actually going to live in.



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Lucid Realty said:


The article doesn't spend any time discussing how to analyze the investment potential of the property. The fact is that very few properties in this city are a good investment but people buy them anyway because of some vague notion that real estate always goes up.

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