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Celebrity Look A Like

Carla Sanchez

I’m a journalist with 20 years of radio and television experience and I currently write an advice column for Hoy Newspaper.

Some people say dog-owners begin to resemble their pets, I say in Hollywood celebrities begin to resemble each other.  It feels as though a factory is producing them like Barbie dolls, just changing a couple of details so we think their different people. 



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Ly said:


I really can't tell the difference between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bodem, and Katie and Zooey are getting hard to tell apart too!

nkn said:

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katie's the one with the big jugs...

carlheartscubs said:


I've always had trouble with Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman.

Tresix said:


Has anyone ever seen Eva Longoria Parker and Frieda Pinto in the same room at the same time? I rest my case!

chicagofish said:


"so we think their different people"

Seriously? I mean I know it's just fluff writing, but really??

Tresix said:


Chicagofish, did your sense of humor suffer the bends when you came back to the surface? LIGHTEN UP!

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