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Parking Meter Company To Resume Ticketing Monday

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After a 15 month hiatus, Chicago Parking Meter, LLC, the private company which controls the city's parking meter system, will resume parking meter enforcement starting Monday according to the Department of Revenue.

However, instead of hiring and overseeing its own staff, CPM has contracted SERCO, a company that has been providing supplemental parking enforcement for the city for the past 10 years, to handle their enforcement.

As part of the city's $1.16 billion parking meter lease deal signed in December of 2008, CPM was given the ability to hire its own parking enforcement personnel to issue tickets for expired meters.  The parking meter company is looking to stepped up enforcement as a way to improve payment compliance and therefore improve their bottom line.  Drivers fearing expired meter tickets when parking in metered spaces, are going to be more apt to feed the meter than risk a $50 ticket.

However, in March of 2009, after a series of embarrassing missteps in the transition of control of the meters, the city asked CPM to voluntary halt enforcement until the company had smoothed out all the problems.

According to the Department of Revenue, meter violations have decreased in 2010, from 187,597 in 2010 (through May) compared to 215,981 in 2009 for the same time period--a 13% decrease.

The city claims parking ticket issuance has been decreasing for the past 10 years. Only 2.75 million tickets were issued in 2009 vs. 2.85 million the year before. 3.4 million tickets were issued in 1999.

But this added enforcement personnel should give a big boost to the city to improve their meter violations numbers and total tickets issued for 2010 and beyond. Just based on conservative estimates, this new CPM enforcement personnel will write over 31,000 additional tickets and generate well over $1.5 million in revenue for the city.

Even though enforcement personnel on behalf of CPM will issue tickets, the city will keep all the revenue from the fines generated from the violations.



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