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Stop & Hug A Crossing Guard Today!

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May 4th Is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

That's right.

Today is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day!

The State of Illinois made the official proclamation back in December to celebrate these under appreciated stalwarts of safety.

In Chicago, armed with their bright orange safety vests and hand held stop signs, over 1,100 blue uniformed crossing guards slow down traffic to make sure our city's children get to and from school safely each and every day.

The Active Transportation Alliance wants to make sure you show your appreciation for your local crossing guard today. They recommend giving them a thank you card, or drawing them a picture, bringing them flowers or even giving them a Certificate of Appreciation you can download from the Active Trans website.

In fact, Active Trans is encouraging people to share their thoughts about their local crossing guard to be featured in an upcoming newsletter from their organization.

In Chicago, the idea for adult crossing guards got it starts with then President of the Chicago Region PTA, Ester Saperstein urged PTA members to write their state legislators about the concept according to the SEIU Local 73 website. At the time, this job was handled by older students from each school's safety patrol.

A pilot program initiated by the Chicago Board of education began in the city in 1948. But due to a lack of funds, the police department took over the responsibility for the program in 1951, and continue to supervise the program to this day.

But now, over 50 years later, it's a day to take a moment and show your appreciation for your local crossing guard.

Just make sure you stay within the crosswalk when you do it.

Photo copyright and courtesy of TheeErin's Flickr page. / CC BY-SA 2.0



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jerinhook said:

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These flowers are so beautiful and actually they look lot more than $19 also includes a free vase for mothers day!

Mich said:

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Hey these are "my" crossing guards! Well, teh ones at our local school anyway. It's a small world after all...

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