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Environmentally Friendly Automotive Tips For Earth Day

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Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

And while the editors at The Expired Meter don't whole-heartedly buy into the radical environmental movement in America, we do believe in responsible and reasoned environmentalism.

Many of the vital components in automobiles are not very environmentally friendly. But there are ways to handle these issues in a proper and responsible way.

So, here's a list of tips for car owners and how to be a vehicle owner and still celebrate a guilt-free Earth Day.

Motor Oil

If you change your oil yourself, do NOT just pour it down the drain or put it in the sewer.

Most oil change businesses recycle the used oil they extract from the vehicles they work on. These places also will accept your motor oil for recycling too.

Local area auto part stores Pep Boys and AutoZone stores and oil change specialists Jiffy Lube will all help you recycle your oil.

Used Car Batteries

The huge auto batteries in your car certainly don't belong in a landfill.

The key when purchasing a new battery is turning in your old one. Not only do most auto part stores give you a substantial discount on your new battery purchase, but some of them accept your old batteries even if you are not purchasing a new one.

Again Pep Boys and AutoZone will take your old car batteries for recycling.


Illinois citizens produce more than 12 million used car tires every year and they are not allowed in landfills.

But, luckily auto part stores or tire shops are legally compelled to make sure old tires are disposed of properly.

If you have some old tires to get rid of, the Environmental Protection Agency provides a list of local places that will accept yours.

Liberty Tire Services
1323 W. Cortland
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 871-6360

Liberty Tire Recycling
1705 Cottage Grove Ave.
Ford Heights, IL 60411
(708) 757-6260

Advanced Ground Care Products LLC
665 W. Armory Drive
South Holland, IL 60473
(708) 331-6100

Shred-All Recycling Systems
1234 W. 43rd Street
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 523-5404

If you want more info, the EPA has lots of interesting information on tire disposal.


Of course, anti-freeze is another car fluid you don't want to pour down the drain or spill on the street. Pets who for whatever reason, enjoy the taste of this poisonous chemical will end up dead from ingesting it.

So anti-freeze needs to be disposed of carefully.

The City of Chicago's Household Chemical and Computer Recycling Center, located at 1150 N. North Branch St. on Goose Island not only accepts anti-freeze for disposal but motor oil too, along with a host of other household chemicals.

The center is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but check their website for exact hours.

Vehicle Donations

If you want to be really comprehensive in your recycling, you can consider donating your car to a local charity.

Those damn "1-800-KARS FOR KIDS" radio spots can really drive you insane, but you certainly remember them.

Perhaps another car donation program closer to our heart would be WTTW Channel 11's vehicle donation program.

When you donate your clunker to WTTW, you can at least see your donation at work when you tune in Chicago Tonight or Sesame Street.



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