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Tribune Jumps Into Yellow Light Timing Issue

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The Chicago Tribune has devoted many gallons of black ink to covering, or perhaps uncovering the red light camera controversy in Chicagoland.

Tuesday, the newspaper added their take on the yellow light timing issue with an article pointing out the difference in amber times at city intersections versus suburban intersections.

In general, as this site has pointed out in the past, city intersections are generally three seconds, versus four to four and a half seconds at suburban intersections.

In essence, a defacto ticket trap for suburban drivers who come to the city.

As always, the Tribune does a good job of covering the story.

However, one thing that jumps out at me is the article's reference to accusations of less than three second yellow light intersections within the city by anti-red light camera proponents.

This is a veiled reference to video taken by one of the most vocal area red light camera critics, Barnet Fagel.

Buffalo Grove resident Fagel, a highway safety advocate for the National Motorists Association, shot video of a large number of Chicago intersections with RLC units and, according to his timing, 13 wound up with yellow light intervals under three seconds.

Some local politicians, in the fight over the RLC issue, have cited Fagel's video as just one more piece of evidence why red light camera reform is needed.

The Trib piece seems almost like a direct rebuttal to Fagel original video from November of last year.

And despite the fact Fox Chicago News pointed out the discrepancy in yellow light times between Chicago and suburbs a few weeks ago, the piece, "Yellow lights shorter in Chicago," is definitely worth reading.

Also, check out the Trib's companion videos.



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