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The Dirty Business Of Street Cleaning

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Just hours before the official start of Chicago's street cleaning season, there still is no firm plan in place for keeping city streets swept and no comprehensive schedule that can tell residents what streets get cleaned when.

As of 6 PM this evening, sources say the Mayor has backed off his plan to push for a grid system for street cleaning.

Instead, there's currently some sketchy hybrid plan being proposed where sweepers remain "in control" of the wards for four days (or 32 hours a week) out of five, with a fifth day where the sweeper works outside the ward for nearly the entire day.

This most recent plan has the sweeper in the ward for two entire days. On two other days, the sweeper works the ward for five hours or so, before it's assigned to work adjacent wards for a few hours. Then, just one day a week, the ward's sweeper is assigned to work outside the ward after working with one or more other sweepers to quickly address that ward's cleaning obligations for the day.

Confused yet?

"I thought it was kind of goofy," said 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack about this alleged compromise plan. "It really doesn't make sense. It's even more confusing than the grid system plan. Just pick a system like we had before. Make sure cars are moved and make sure we have enough vehicles to do the sweeping. The Mayor is trying to micro-manage it at the last moment because of a lack of proper management all these years."

Despite this compromise plan being bandied about today, Ald. Moore still plans to move forward to call a special session of the city council to address this issue. Sources say Moore has enough confirmed city council members to meet a quorum. Although the Chicago Reader claims this quorum is tenuous despite Ald. Moore's wife Barbara creating a Facebook event page for the meeting.

To add even more intrigue to the drama, another source claims city hall has been lobbying alderman Tuesday to boycott the planned meeting to suppress a quorum.

Another source close to city hall theorizes the compromise plan may just be a ruse to pacify just enough aldermen into not showing up so that the required 26 votes to make up a quorum cannot be met, and then the Mayor can then return to the grid plan he wanted all along.

Theoretically, hopefully, we'll know what the outcome is tomorrow after the meeting.



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Lauren Strec said:


I've only been to NYC once, but when I was there, I developed such a great appreciation for Chicago's cleans streets and absence of urine smell. Chi better get their act together, to not even begin to slip up in this aspect! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

CCWriter said:


My side of the street today: Plenty of signs. Result: 100% compliance in moving cars. If there is someone who can MAKE Streets & San continue putting up adequate signage, we will not have a problem.

Though I will say, my side is the second one to be done this time around, and there were a few tickets across the street yesterday. The second side seems to benefit from the extra heads-up time. How about this: Post 2 days ahead for the first side to be cleaned?

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