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Challenged Chicago Speeding Tickets Get Dismissed

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The Geek is an idiot, who gets a lot of parking tickets, and knows how to fight back.


We don't normally cover speeding tickets or other moving violations on this website, but we certainly are sympathetic to the plight of motorists caught in speed traps, etc.

But we're going t0 make an exception for this one story by Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown

Brown revealed in Friday's newspaper, that if you fight a speeding ticket in Chicago, most of the time it will be dismissed.

No fuss, no muss, just dismissed.

The problem for the city is cops are using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) equipment to catch speeders. However, there is a legal challenge to LIDAR that would require a special hearing by the court before the speeding ticket could be heard.

Prosecutors are opting to allow the tickets to be dismissed rather than deal with all the extra steps involved with a special hearing.

The key is, you have to show up for court.

If you don't challenge it and/or don't show up, you will be found guilty.

But if you have speeding ticket from LIDAR equipment, challenge the ticket and show up--you walk.

Read Brown's full story "How to beat a Chicago speeding ticket : Challenge it," right here.

The moral of the story, and what we preach here is: FIGHT YOUR TICKETS!!!



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