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A strong possibility and more potential vacancies...

Sorry for the delay in posting about new commissioners. I was waylaid by illness.

Anyway, as I said last week, we have one very strong possibility for a new commissioner.

Myra King

Future commissioner? You betcha. Or at least I do.

 Myra King, a.k.a. "The Lady"

Ms. King is the new president of the Central Advisory Council (CAC), the central body of public housing leaders from around the city. She was elected back in May. It was a close vote - 9 to 7. She narrowly defeated Deverra Beverly, president of ABLA homes and the queen mother of Chicago's public housing. Ms. Beverly is an institution, and she became president after Mary Wiggins passed away.
Ms. Beverly is known as "the peacemaker." Myra King, as far as I know, doesn't have a nickname, but if I were to give her one, it'd be "the Lady." King has a well... almost royal feeling about her. She's always smartly dressed, has matching earrings and an ever-present blue tooth headset. She's soft-spoken, but fierce in her own way.  And she's known for her support of
Deverra Beverly

Ms. Beverly. Everybody in public housing knows Ms. Beverly.

residents' rights. I first met her out at LeClaire when residents received news of the development shutting down, and she was there to rally the troops and urge them to stick together.

As I previously posted, CHA doesn't have to choose King. They could choose one of her fellow officers instead. But it's unlikely. King was seen standing with the commissioners at the recent press conference with Shaun Donovan.

How might King be different? Nicki Bazer, a housing attorney at the Legal Assistance Foundation, says King has a knack for "cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of  the issue," which I think would come in handy as a board member. She seems like she'd be one to challenge the status quo and make sure CHA gives residents a fair shake.

So that's one easy prediction. The others? I'm working on those. I was sick, remember?

But, other vacancies! Crazy talk, you say? More people leaving? We've already got three open seats!

Well, there might be three more.

This week, CHA confirmed a rumor I'd heard that Commissioner Bridget O'Keefe intends to leave soon.

I may not be getting the stink eye anymore.

O'Keefe's term was up last July, but she's been hanging on to help keep a quorum. She intended to leave in April, according to CHA's Matt Aguilar, but stayed on longer after Commissioner Mendenhall's surprise resignation.

And, in looking at CHA records, two more commissioners - Sandra Young and Hallie Amey - will come to the end of their term in early July.

Early July, I've noticed, seems to be the time for appointing commissioners.

 I asked CHA how long we would have to wait for new commissioners. Their reply felt like what my mom used to say when I asked "Are we there yet?"  on a long car trip.

"We'll know about the new commissioners when they're announced by the city council and the mayor's office," says Matt Aguilar.

So, basically, we'll know when we know. Stop asking questions, nosy Nancy.

Well, if we lost Wiggins, Mendenhall, O'Keefe, Young, and Amey, plus a new person to fill Nesbitt's old seat, gosh darn it, we'd have nearly a whole new board. Six new people!  

Who do you think would be a good potential commissioner? I want to hear from you!



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