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All Old Town has to Offer

Melanie Gonzalez

Blogging for Old Town this quarter has been fun.  I am kind of sad that this will be my last post.  I have learned to really enjoy walking around the neighborhood.  Old Town is a unique community in Chicago for many reasons.

For one, it is home to Second City, one of the most famous improvisation theaters in the world.  Zanies, a famous comedy club, is also down the street from Second City. However, it is more than that.  It is a family friendly neighborhood that also happens to have a nightlife that attracts people from all over the city and tourists alike.

The nightlife, which includes pubs, bars, restaurants and comedy clubs is perfect for any group of people.  There really is something for everyone in Old Town. Not too many communities can say that.

Along with the nightlife there is so much to do during the day.  The shops that are unique as well as accessible make for a great day out with some friends. 

The architecture in the homes around the neighborhood are pleasing to the eye and refreshing because no two are alike.  Old Town is not a cookie cutter neighborhood.  This is something that makes its character so rich. 

After ten weeks of exploring Old Town and seeing all that it has to offer I have come to realize how underrated it really is.  People who live in Old Town could see this as a good thing since tourists usually hang out in the Gold Coast and Downtown areas of Chicago. This leaves their neighborhood quiet and able to have the one of a kind shops and restaurants.

I see how a person who lives in Old Town would want to keep it the way it has been for years.  The charm that it exudes may be partly because it is a hidden gem that has yet to be overexposed. 

However, I think it would be nice for more people to be able to experience everything that the community of Old Town has to offer. 

My hope for the blog after we leave it is that it thrives so that the people of Old Town as well as people who have never experienced Old Town are able to have a forum for the neighborhood.  I hope that the blog continues to be a place where people can go for information about the community and share their experiences of the neighborhood. 

I have every expectation that the blog will continue to do this because it has been cared for by bloggers who have put a lot of hard work into it.  I think that the blog will only get stronger because the dedication to the blog will have been proved.

I know that I will continue to explore Old Town even after this quarter is over.  I will continue to take part in the nightlife as well as the daytime activities.  This is because I see Old Town and the community of people who reside in it as a place that is worthy of a busy Chicagoan's time. 



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