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Finally, someone to settle the great Old Town breakfast sandwich debate.

Pat Flynn

There certain foods that are impossible to screw up. They can only be measured by different levels of good. It's like that saying with pizza and sex (They share this saying. At least in my head they do.)

"When it's good, it's good. And when it's bad, it's still pretty good."

That saying rings true for a few foods, one of which is a staple to breakfast lovers everywhere, the breakfast sandwich.

There are different variations of the breakfast sandwich. You can get it on a biscuit, bagel or croissant. You can get bacon, ham, sausage, any cheese, salsa, etc. The possibilities really are endless.

But I think I might have found the ultimate breakfast sandwich and it was on accident a few blocks away from my house. This worked out insanely well because I was discussing with my roommate some of the things that suck about Old Town and the shortage of good, cheap
breakfast places was definitely mentioned.

Anyways, the fine establishment that created this masterpiece was none other than The Twisted Baker. What set this ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich apart was the awesome chipotle cheddar biscuit it is served on. It definitely sets it apart from the second best breakfast sandwich on the block, which happens to be a bacon, egg and cheese on a spinach florentine bagel.

Thumbnail image for IMG_0720.JPG

The King of all breakfast sandwiches. The Twisted Baker's ham, egg and cheese on chipotle-cheddar biscuit.

But this cheddar chipotle biscuit was no bargain. I took my girlfriend (I know, sorry ladies) for breakfast and we each had a sandwich and a cup of coffee and the total was $17. They aren't exactly giving these things away, but the place is nicely decorated, in a prime location at 1543 N Wells St. I wasn't overly shocked at the price.

I kept making jokes about how expensive it was, and how the name didn't seem to match
the decor whatsoever. There is nothing twisted about nice wood floors and tables. The women that were working were in no way twisted looking. I don't quite get it, but I'm going to get a cupcake from there tomorrow and talk to the owner who was on vacation this week.

(And by vacation I mean I actually talked to her in person and she said she
is actually out of town and made quotation marks with her fingers. She was 10 feet away from me making a salad in door-less kitchen.)

The one issue I had with this sandwich is that it could have been a little
bigger (that's what she said) and less expensive. But I already justified the price with the location, and the size of the sandwich Ill just blame on the fact that I am a glutton.

I love great food and I love food in large quantities. What I cryptically just told you
was that I love Bacci Pizza. I'm kidding. Bacci is good, but you get what you pay for, which in Bacci's case happens to be a ton of just pretty good pizza.

My breakfast sandwich took more than 30 seconds to make, which is longer than Dunkin' Donuts can say. DD makes an OK bagel sandwich, but the quality is not there. At The Twisted
Baker the eggs seemed fresh and took more than a few minutes to prepare, which was comforting. (I didn't hear one beep of a microwave.)

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for IMG_0665.JPG

Dunkin' Donuts' bacon, egg and cheese on a sesame seed bagel. Average at best. But there isn't much else in Old Town.

So I'm pretty sure I found the best breakfast sandwich in Old Town. Or maybe I am jumping the gun here, but I don't think I can find a better breakfast sandwich in the Old Town area. Someone give me a place to go challenge The Twisted Baker and I will be there. You name it and I will be there...because I'm hungry, always.



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