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Old Town Now Community Meet Up @ Old Town Social

Mary Velan

DePaul Graduate student, Master's of Journalism program

If you have been following our blogs, or just happen to pop in to ChicagNow.com recently, you have probably seen some kind of promotion for a get together coming up this week. Well it's true! We're hosting a meeting of sorts at Old Town Social on Tuesday evening from 5:30-7:30pm.

I'll just put together a quick run down of what you can expect to learn by coming out and chatting it up with our fine group of students.

We will present the site to you and explain what we have been trying to accomplish with the site over the past 2 months that we have been working on it. If you want to read our blogs before, you can check them out at Old Town Now, or you can get a sneak peak at how our class has been learning the art of hyperlocal blogs by checking out our class work in the Labs section.

At the Old Town Social gathering feel free to bring any ideas or inspiration regarding how the site could become a useful tool for the Old Town community. We want this site to eventually become self-sufficient within the community, with the help and contributions of locals residents, business owners, and any kind of member of the neighborhood.

This site can become anything the community wants it to be. It can be a news source, an open forum for discussion, a place to share art and work, or even just a posting board for upcoming deals and events. This site can be all of these things or just one of them. It is up to the residents of Old Town to determine its fate.

This is very exciting because the site is established and ready to go, and now you can bring any ideas you have to the gathering on Tuesday and see your thoughts put into action. Old Town has a very unique character and we want to reflect this personality through the site. We want this site to meet the needs, wants, and preferences of the locals; while remaining a useful tool to the community.

We have been working very hard to make this site somewhat successful. We have gone out into the community, interviewed residents, and found stories unique to the neighborhood. Now the community has the opportunity to take control of the site and steer it in any direction you see fit.

Do you feel certain organizations, events, or places in Old Town do not get enough attention or recognition?

Do you wish people around the city knew more about your neighborhood?

Do you feel like there are hidden treasures in Old Town that most people are missing out on?

Or do you just want a place to express your opinion while covering topics relevant to Old Town?

Then check out the site and come down to Old Town Social on Tuesday night between 5:30-7:30pm to learn how you can contribute to the site! Bring your family and friends!




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Chelsea Stevens said:


Oh my goodness- somehow your naked lady pictures are showing up in this blog post! I'm surprised more people didn't attend our meet-up with this advertising!

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